Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

Our barbed wires have a steel wire thickness of 2.00mm/2.00mm or 2.00mm/2.50mm (barb diameter/main wire thickness). 2.00mm barbs are sold in reels of 200 or 250 metres. TE-FENCE barbed wire is manufactured from highly galvanised steel wire through hot dipping. Our stainless steel wires are extremely durable due to their resistance to corrosion.

With a barb spacing of 9-10 cm, our barbed wire can withstand a high tensile load. The barbed wire is perfectly designed to be integrated into a high security fencing system (placement of 2 to 6 lines of barbed wire on intermediate L- or Y-shaped posts).

  • Installation: on L- or Y-shaped brackets, for agricultural space, worksite.
  • High-grade galvanized barbed wire.
  • Optional: stainless steel barbed wire (inox 304)
  • Thickness of the barb: 2,00mm
  • Thickness of the main wire: 2,50mm
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Why Is Barbed Wire Used?

Barbed wire is a highly versatile and long-lasting product that has many uses. Three common applications of barbed wire include:

To Offer Protection: The sharp barbs on barbed wire look threatening and act as a strong deterrent to potential intruders. For this reason, you often find lengths of barbed wire forming perimeter fences around industrial and construction sites, fields, prisons, and other sensitive sites.

For Division: You can use barbed wire along boundaries and borders to mark territories, divide ownership or segregate one area from another.  

For Containment: The military, prisons, and correctional facilities use barbed wire to confine inmates and prevent escape. Barbed wire fences can also surround agricultural land to stop livestock and cattle from straying into other fields or territories.

Barbed Wire
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You can see below an overview of our barbed wire products, get more information about the general use of barbed wire, and our professional services.

barbed wire

Barbed wire is used to reinforce existing industrial fencing systems. It is also used on top of residential fences to deter scaling attempts.

A further common use of barbed wire is to reinforce agricultural fences to prevent sheep and cattle escaping.

Type 1 Type 2
Thickness Of Line wire Ø 2,50 mm (±0,05) Ø 2,00mm (±0,05)
Barb Thickness Ø 2,00mm (±0,05) Ø 2,00mm (±0,05)
Barb Spacing 100 mm (±10)
Roll Lenght 200 m (+5) 250 m (+5)
Roll Weight 350 N/mm² – 500 N/mm²
Tensile Strenght 22,5 kg (±0,5) 20 kg (±0,5)
Coating Hot Dip Galvanized
Coating Ratio Min 80gr/m², Max 240 gr/m²
Thickness Of Line wire Ø 1,70 mm (±0,05)
Barb Thickness Ø 1,50 mm (±0,05)
Barb Spacing 100 mm (±10)
Roll Lenght 250 m (+5)
Roll Weight 12 kg (±0,5)
Tensile Strenght 350 N/mm2-500 N/mm2
Coating Hot Dip Galvanized
Quality Certificates TS EN 10223-1
Coating Ratio Min 80gr/m2, Max 240 gr/m2

TE-Fence Supplies Barbed Wire in Many Parts of the World

TE-Fence is a leading international barbed wire manufacturer and exporter of fencing systems. We are part of the TMEC International Group, a significant global trade and export organisation specialising in selling construction equipment and related materials to the public and private sectors.

TE-Fence produces various barbed wire supplies for use with security fencing systems or for use on industrial, military, defence, and protection projects. We ship barbed wire products from our high-tech Istanbul factory to over 95 countries worldwide. No matter your location, if you are looking for a barbed wire supplier, you can count on us!


As Turkey’s leading manufacturer of fencing systems and accessories, we would be delighted to deliver our best products to your location or to anywhere in the world. We provide special packaging for air, land and sea shipments.

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