Chain Link Fence


Simple- and double-torsion mesh fencing systems have a diamond-shaped grid with a size between 30×30 mm and 70×70 mm. The thickness of the wires goes from Ø2.00 mm to Ø4.00mm.

The intermediate rails (poles) can be straight or L- or Y-shaped, according to the needs of the client.

All the elements are high-grade galvanized and have Pvc or epoxy coating. Mounting accessories include the rails, support rails, tension wires, tethers and stretchers.

Chain link fences

Good-looking, solid and light, the chain link fences are flexible and suitable for multiple uses.

What are the standard technical specifications for chain link fencing?

Chain link fencing is a system based on single- or double-twist wire mesh. The mesh size varies from 30 x 30 mm to 70 x 70 mm, and is diamond-shaped. The wires of a chain link fence packaged in rolls have a thickness ranging from 2 mm to 4 mm in diameter. They are made with low-carbon steel. The galvanised wire is then coated with PVC or epoxy, a coating that is perfectly resistant to UV.

Chain link fence
Chain link fence supplier

What are the possible applications?

Chain link fencing is a versatile solution. It is designed according to the most stringent standards, including TS EN 10223-6, BS EN 10223-6 and ASTM F-668. So we are talking about a robust system that can secure different kinds of sites effectively. In particular, this type of fence is suitable for installation around military sites. Chain link fencing can also be used to secure agricultural property and fields and as fencing for animals. Sports fields, residential property, parks, etc. can also be marked out and secured with chain link fences.


Installing chain link fences

Chain link fencing requires stakes and intermediate posts. These elements, like the struts, serve to ensure the strength of the structure. You can choose between straight posts and posts with Y- or L- arms.

To assemble the fence, start by planting the posts at a depth of 25-50 cm. The higher the chain link fence, the deeper the posts must be anchored in the ground. Standard spacing varies from 2 m to 2.5 m. Install the posts and struts and secure them with concrete.
Install the tensioning wires and stiffeners (tensioners).
Unroll the chain link panels and use the supplied tie wires every 50 cm to hold them in place.
Trim excess mesh with wire cutters.
You can, of course, call on professionals for quick and reliable installation.

Technicial Specifications
Raw Material Sae 1006. 1008 Low Carbon Steel
Tensile Strenght 350 N/mm2 – 500 N/mm2
Coating Hot Dip Galvanized
Quality Certificates TS EN 10223-6, TS EN ISO 9001:2000
Min height 0,50 m
Max Height 6 m
Coating Ratio Min 80gr/m2, Max 370 gr/m2
Production Standard TS EN 10223/6, BS EN 10223/6, ASTM A 392 (Class I)
Wire Thichness Mesh Size
2,00 mm 15×15 20×20
2,00 mm 25×25 30×30 40×40 50×50 60×60 70×70
2,30 mm 25×25 30×30 40×40 50×50 60×60 70×70
2,50 mm 30×30 40×40 50×50 60×60 70×70
2,80 mm 30×30 40×40 50×50 60×60 70×70
3,00 mm 30×30 40×40 50×50 60×60 70×70
3,50 mm 40×40 50×50 60×60 70×70
3,80 mm 40×40 50×50 60×60 70×70
4,00 mm 40×40 50×50 60×60 70×70

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