• High security fencing system
  • Panel and flexible fencing system

Panel Fence

Our panel fences are our most-exported fencing solutions. Easily installable, aesthetic with the possibility of custom design, rigid panel fences are widely used for homes, construction sites, public and private spaces. Read More

High Security Fence

Specially designed for high security and protection of administrations, systems installations, plans (sensitive areas, public areas, publics…). The panels are between 150 cm and 300 cm, the minimum of the wires is 5 to 6 mm, the mesh of the panels is 10 mm. Read More

Temporary Fence

Temporary and portable fences are intended to secure spaces for a limited period of time. These systems can be quickly installed and dismantled to be reused for the protection of construction sites or spaces that host events such as cultural activities and concerts. Read More


TE-FENCE is a production and export trademark of the TMEC INTERNATIONAL group, based in Istanbul, Turkey.

TE-FENCE specializes in the design, production and exportation of fencing systems such as flexible fences (simple or double torsion mesh), rigid panel fences, temporary fences for worksites, concertina wire, barbed wire, gates and doors, as well as fencing systems for sports facilities.

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