Welded wire mesh fence Turkey

Welded wire mesh fence Turkey

Manufacturer of Welded Wire Mesh Fence Turkey

TE-Fence is a leading welded wire mesh fence Turkey manufacturer. We design, produce, and supply various types of welded wire panel fences from our base near Istanbul for export and use on sites in over 95 countries. If you a looking for a high-quality and cost-effective panel fence to form a boundary or to help protect your facility, find information on the panel fence types we manufacture, how they are used, and why you should contact us for the most competitive welded wire mesh fence prices.

Protect Your Property With Welded Wire Mesh Fence Panels

Welded wire panel fence is used for various commercial, industrial, and residential purposes, as they offer a long-lasting, affordable, and effective way of creating a rigid barrier or enclosure. These durable fence panels can be up to 3 m high. The frames contain a mesh of strong galvanised welded wires with a thickness of up to 6 mm designed to restrict access and offer a high level of protection against intruders on your property. Some of the advantages of installing a welded wire panel fence include the following:

  •       Quality Assured: Due to the innovative technology we use, our panel fences are precision made to a consistently high quality.
  •       Cost Effective: Wire panel fences are far more affordable than other fencing systems, including wrought iron, vinyl, wood, and glass.
  •       Versatile: Our panel fences and the intermediate posts are coated in PVC or electrostatic paint and come in various colours, sizes, and designs.
  •       Durable: Our panel fences are made from galvanised steel and built to last. They are corrosion and weather resistant and more robust than flexible fencing, so they are ideal for use outdoors and in challenging climates and locations. An optimised high galvanised option is also available for marine use.
  •       They Don’t Obstruct View: The modern see-through mesh design means that CCTV and perimeter camera systems can still be used and monitored for security purposes.
  •       Easy To Install: Our panel fences can be embedded or installed on a baseplate. They arrive in flat-pack form and come with the mounting kit for easy assembly. Y-shaped and L-shaped arms with flanges for concertina (razor) or barbed wire can also be supplied.

What Are The Usage Areas of Welded Wire Fences?

Welded wire panel fences are typically used for security purposes to help protect and secure dangerous, restricted, or sensitive sites or buildings. They offer a solid visible defence against intruders and help contain assets, livestock, or people within an area. Typical uses of panel fences include:

  • To limit access to industrial, commercial, and residential sites
  • To mark off boundaries between land plots and run perimeters around agricultural and farmland.
  • To limit access and risk of entry into construction, mining, and industrial sites
  • To provide security for large private estates and public buildings
  • To contain prisoners in jails and correction facilities

Welded Wire Mesh Fence Prices and Types

Te-Fence is a welded wire mesh fence supplier committed to producing the best quality products at a fair price. We make several welded wire mesh fence types that vary in price according to the size and style required.

4, 5, 6, 7 ft Welded Wire Mesh Fences

The four main types of welded wire fences in Turkey we produce include:  

  1. Standard Panel Fence: Suitable for residential, industrial, and commercial use, our galvanised steel standard panel fences are our most affordable option. They come in a choice of seven heights (75 cm to 300 cm) and are of a simple design with a 150 x 50 mm mesh and wire thickness of 4 mm.
  2. Double Wire Fences: These rigid panel fences are typically used on industrial sites, airports, duel carriageways, and other sensitive areas that require a high level of security. They feature a thick 8 mm vertical wire and a 5 to 6 mm double horizontal wire.  
  3. High-Security Panel Fences: These heavy-duty anti-climb fence panels are between 150 cm and 300 cm high with a minimum wire thickness of 5 to 6 mm. They are designed for military zones, sensitive sites, and restricted areas.
  4. Chain-Link Fences: Made from high-grade galvanised steel, the simple, double-tension mesh and 30 mm x 30 mm or 70 mm x 70 mm diamond-grid-shaped design of our chain-link fences make them suitable for many purposes.

TE-Fence: Turkey’s Leading Welded Wire Mesh Fence Manufacturer and Supplier

As one of the world’s premier high-security welded wire mesh fence manufacturer, our clients matter to us. We offer highly competitive welded wire mesh fence prices and can organise our products’ swift and affordable delivery to your location, We offer highly competitive welded wire mesh fence prices and can organise our products’ swift and affordable delivery to your location, no matter your country or location. Your shipment arrives in special packaging that’s designed to minimise transport costs. For example, 1,600 meters of standard 200 cm high fencing panels with mounts can be shipped in one 40-foot sea container.


To learn more about our welded wire mesh fences from Turkey, please get in touch with Te-Fence. 

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