Panel Fence

Our panel fences are our most-exported fencing solutions. Easily installable, aesthetic with the possibility of custom design, rigid panel fences are widely used for homes, construction sites, public and private spaces.

  • Wire Thickness: Ø 4.00 mm – Ø 5.00 mm
  • Mesh: 50 × 50 mm or 50 × 150 mm
  • Panel height: from 55 cm to 250 cm
  • Intermediate posts (piles) straight or winged (L or Y) – 30 cm or 50 cm wing
  • Highly galvanized steel
  • PVC cover or electrostatic paint
  • All installation accessories included
  • Galvanized and painted steel clips
  • Mounting kit included
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Economic solution
  • Optimized shipping costs: custom packaging for shipping by truck or sea container, approximately 1600 meters of 200x200cm rigid panel including all masts and accessories that can be transported in a 40ft sea container.

Choose from our range of security fences for your perimeter security needs. Our wide range of rigid panel fencing includes all our single-post panel and anti-vandalism connectors and are suitable for a host of applications, from general boundary perimeters to protection of high-security sites. Our rigid panel fencing, with a 10-year guarantee, looks great around public buildings, schools, commercial premises, industrial buildings, industrial estates and administrative areas. With steel security clips and bolts attaching each panel to its post in galvanised steel, this fencing system is built to last. Our contemporary-design rigid panel fencing is also ideal for enclosing and adorning individual homes and collective housing.

Get support from our Expert Team

Our rigid panel fencing is made from corrosion-resistant galvanised steel wire. We manufacture a range of customisable welded mesh products adapted to all uses, from schools and sports centres to commercial premises and high-security sites. Rigid panel fencing offers clear line-of-sight and will not compromise video surveillance. With posts adaptable for security equipment, cameras and lighting, flat profile designs for sports venues, reinforced V-shaped mesh styles for extra resistance and fine mesh panels for high-security applications, we offer the personalised security solutions that your site needs. Its design is suitable for applications in which clear line-of-sight, speed of installation and low cost are the priorities. It is shipped, with its accessory kit, by sea for a rigid panel fence of more than 1,600 m in a standard panel of 200 cm in height.

panel fence system
panel fence system
Panel Fence Turkey
panel fence supplier

A panel fence is a rigid fencing solution made from a combination of wire and mesh supported by straight rails. This fence style may also include brackets. We make our panel fences from high-grade galvanized steel coated with either PVC or electrostatic paint.

Wire thickness ranges from 4.0 mm to 5.0 mm, depending on the application.
Panel fence mesh is offered at 50 x 50 mm or 50 x 150 mm.
Fence panel heights are available in sizes between 55 and 250 cm, depending on your needs and preferences.
We make our fences with intermediate straight poles or 30 or 50-cm brackets (L or Y shapes available).

Advantages to choosing a panel fence include the following:

Galvanized steel wire, a corrosion-resistant material, is used to manufacture our steel panel fencing. The steel security clips and bolts attach each panel to its post with galvanized steel, making the fencing system durable enough to last for years.
It is suitable for several settings, including schools, public buildings, commercial sites, and residential areas.
A panel fence has a sleek, contemporary appearance that will not compromise video surveillance.
Our panel fencing is easy to install.

Choose Te-Fence as your Panel Fence Supplier

Our panel fences are custom-made to your specifications. We stand behind our product by offering a 10-year warranty so you can buy with confidence.
When you order from Te-Fence as your steel panel fence supplier, we keep your transportation costs low by using special packaging for maritime containers. We can fit approximately 1600 meters of rigid 200 x 200 panels in a single 40-foot shipping container, including the rails and accessories.

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