Concertina (Razor Wire)

Concertina is security wire equipped with sharp blades with a 2.50mm diameter. It’s an extremely deterrent system that completes an existing fence through placement on a low wall or above flexible fencing or rigid panels. In our anti-climbing or high security fences, concertina barbed wire is installed in the flanges of Y- or L-shaped intermediate posts. Barbed wire is generally used for the protection of industrial and military zones, penitentiaries, borders and all sensitive areas requiring high surveillance. Due to the sharp blades, this type of barbed wire is not suitable for residential areas.

  • Installation: on Y-shaped brackets, for worksites and different high-security areas.
  • Flat or in Spiral
  • Opening of the spiral: 45cm – 60 cm or 90cm.
  • Thickness of the blade: 0,50mm
  • Dimensions of the blade: 2,20 x 1,50 cm / 1,00 x 1,30cm
  • Space between the blades: 2,50 cm
  • Thickness of the main wire: 2,50cm
  • Concertina wire made of high-grade galvanized steel
  • Optional: stainless steel concertina

We offer three types of concertina:

  • Spiral concertina: the most common type with spring and an opening diameter of 45cm, 60cm, 75 cm or 90 cm. Placement is usually over panel fencing systems on L- or Y-shaped intermediate posts.
  • Flat Concertina: placed directly on rigid fence panels to enhance deterrence.
  • Concertina wire: concertina wire plays the same role as standard barbed wire and is placed in line on the L or Y flanges of intermediate posts.

Concertina wire is made from hot-dipped high galvanized steel or AISI430 stainless steel.

A leading manufacturer of concertina wire in Turkey, we ship our products all over the world. To request a quote, please contact  us by email or via our online form.

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