Straight Line Razor Wire

Straight Line Razor Wire

Straight Line Razor Wire

Concertina is security wire equipped with sharp blades with a 2.50mm diameter. It’s an extremely deterrent system that completes an existing fence through placement on a low wall or above flexible fencing or rigid panels. In our anti-climbing or high security fences, concertina barbed wire is installed in the flanges of Y- or L-shaped intermediate posts. Barbed wire is generally used for the protection of industrial and military zones, penitentiaries, borders and all sensitive areas requiring high surveillance. Due to the sharp blades, this type of barbed wire is not suitable for residential areas.

Straight Line Razor Wire
Core Wire
Ø 2,50 mm (±0,05)
Core Wire
Coating Ratio
Hot Dip Galvanized Min 200 gr/m², Max 260 gr/m²
Core Wire
Tensile Strenght
Min 1600 N/mm²
Razor Lenght 10 mm 22 mm
Razor Spacing 25 mm 36 mm
Razor Width 13 mm 15 mm
Razor Coating
Hot Dip Galvanized Stainless Steel AISI430 Stainless Steel AISI430
Meter Width 85 gr/m 90 gr/m

Why Choose Straight-Line Razor Wire?

Straight-line razor wire, also called straight razor barbed wire, is much sharper than conventional barbed wire and made with the intent to appear offensive and harm anything or anyone who comes into contact with it. This durable concertina razor wire is made from strong, hot-dip galvanized or corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It has razor-sharp blades of varying lengths, grades, and sizes placed along its length. Straight-line razor wire is usually attached to high-security and anti-climb fencing systems and used to deter and prevent unwanted access or escape from prisons and correctional facilities, military bases, industrial and construction sites, nuclear sites, pharmaceutical laboratories, embassies, and areas requiring a very high level of defense, surveillance, and protection. Straight-line razor wire is not intended for residential use.

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Straight Line Razor Wire
Straight Line Razor Wire
Straight Line Razor Wire

Straight Line Razor Wire Price

TE-Fence is committed to manufacturing high-grade fencing systems and barbed and razor wire products at affordable prices. Our straight-line razor price differs according to the type of razor wire chosen, the length of wire required, and the shipping costs from our factory in Turkey to your location.

  •       Straight-Line Razor Wire Type: TE-Fence manufactures various types of straight-line razor wire. The price of the razor depends on the type of steel used, whether it is galvanized or stainless steel and the preferred design of the razor blades.

·        Straight-Line Razor Wire Length: The fencing system used and the length of the perimeter or border needing protection will dictate the amount of razor wire required. Please contact us for the straight-line razor wire meter price.

Straight-Line Razor Wire Delivery and Installation

The shipping prices and straight line razor wire delivery will depend on the location to which the product is intended to be shipped. We currently transport our fencing and wire products to more than 95 countries, which means our logistics team is highly skilled at arranging cost-effective sea and land transportation, regardless of the destination point. Our team’s extensive experience allows us to provide the most effective means of transportation for you.

Straight line razor wire installation is designed to be simple and convenient. The razor wire is delivered in specially packaged, compact, and padded rolls to reduce risk and ensure a smooth shipping process. The straight line razor wire can be unwound and easily installed using simple tools on a new or existing anti-climb or high-security fence or low wall. The fitting to the fence or panel is done via the flanges of L-shaped or Y-shaped intermediate arms or posts, which we can also supply. Once the razor wire and fencing system is in place, it is a solid deterrent to potential thieves, trespassers, or intruders, offering an extremely high level of protection for your facility.


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