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15.000 meters of High Security Panel Fence were delivered

TE-FENCE has shipped more than 15,000 meters of rigid panel high security fencing to Latin America. The high security panel fences have wires varying between 4mm and 6mm. We create custom-made fencing systems in accordance with the project and the expectations of our customers. The height of our systems varies between 100cm and 400cm. The mesh size of the high security panel fences is 50mmx50mm. Thanks to these tight meshes, our high security fencing systems are anti-climbing and present a major asset in the fight against intrusion attempts in your protected spaces. Thus, you can use our fencing systems for your projects to protect the following areas:

  • Protection of houses and residential areas
  • Protection of sensitive areas such as mining and oil sites
  • Protection of industrial zones
  • Protection of agricultural areas
  • Protection of various construction sites

High security panel fences are made of galvanized and painted steel. We offer two galvanization options: a standard galvanization (120gr/m2) and a high galvanization (more than 250gr/m2). All intermediate posts and installation accessories such as connecting clips are made of highly galvanized steel or stainless steel.  We also offer two types of paint: electrostatic paint and PVC coating. The customer can choose a color from our large list of color palettes.

In order to enhance the deterrent effect of the high security panel fence system, the intermediate posts can be L or Y shaped. In this case, it will be possible to add barbed wire on the L or Y section or razor wire on the Y section of the intermediate posts.

Our high-security panel fencing systems can be reinforced with trapezoidal sheeting to strengthen the system and protect the site from outside view.

In order to reinforce the protection of the site, it is possible to set up a system of very high protection by placing a double panel a double fencing system. This double-panel system with or without intermediate space enhances protection against intrusion and vandalism.

Our team remains at your disposal to offer you the high security fencing system best suited to your needs and budget. We will propose solutions adapted to the climatic conditions and safety requirements.

High Security Panel Fences

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