Corrugated Sheet Mobile Fence

Corrugated sheet mobile fence

Corrugated Sheet Mobile Fence

Mobile, temporary fence for worksite made of corrugated metal sheet, galvanized and pre-painted.

Thickness of the sheet: 0,50mm.

Dimensions of the standard sheet: 200 x H200 cm.

Vertical galvanized pipe Ø48x2mm, horizontal galvanized pipe Ø48x2mm. Self-standing base made of steel or concrete blocks.

Do you need to protect your site from view and secure access?

We propose our cost-effective temporary construction site fencing system with galvanized and painted corrugated iron of a minimum thickness of 0.50 mm.

The standard height of our panels is 2 m. We can also increase the security of the system by adding a 30 or 50 cm high Y or L-shaped topper for the installation of barbed wire and razor wire (concertina wire). The 60 or 40 mm diameter intermediate posts can be sealed into the concrete, or you can choose free-standing legs for your blackout fence. The blackout mobile fence system made of corrugated sheet metal may also be installed on low concrete walls.

This cost-effective, mobile, practical, and sturdy system will allow you to sustainably project your sites from view and intruders.

We ship our corrugated metal mobile fences all over the world from our factories located in Turkey. Feel free to contact us via our online form. Our team will be happy to send you our best quotes within 24 hours.

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