Standard Mobile Fence

Standard temporary mobile fence in Ø4.50 mm galvanized wire, Ø48×2 mm galvanized vertical tube, Ø48×2 mmgalvanized horizontal tube. Standard panel dimension of 200 x H200 cm or 200 x H250 cm with a 50×150 mesh. Self-supporting steel or reinforced concrete feet. We can supply the reinforced concrete blocks at the customer’s specific request.

The panels are connected to each other with clips in highly galvanized steel or optionally stainless steel. This fence system is installed quickly and is simplified by its special stackable packaging.  It is also possible to add L- or Y-shaped arms with razor or barbed wire in order to reinforce the security of the temporary areas that need to be protected.

Temporary fence application areas:

  • Temporary site protection – site fence – site barrier
  • Temporary protection of event areas

The advantages of our temporary and mobile fences:

  • Quick assembly
  • Simplified packing for transferring from one site to another
  • High security against human intrusions
  • Option: mobile fence with cladding (blackout construction fence)

Reinforced concrete feet or self-supporting steel feet

A standard mobile fence is temporary fencing that’s used for a variety of applications. It consists of 0.45 mm galvanised wire, 48 x 2 mm galvanised vertical posts and 48 x 2 mm galvanised horizontal posts. The standard panel size for a standard mobile fence is 200 x 200 cm (H) or 200 x 250 cm (H) with 50 x 150 mesh. The mobile fence is anchored with self-supporting steel or reinforced concrete legs. The panels are connected by galvanised or stainless steel clips. Standard mobile fencing can be used to provide temporary site fencing or barriers to secure event areas at cultural or sporting events.

Why are mobile (temporary) fences  used? What is the purpose of these temporary fences?

Mobile rigid panel fences cover a large number of uses on sites of various natures. You can use mobile fences to protect construction sites as well as to secure outdoor work areas. They’re perfect for marking off spaces and preventing access by unauthorised persons. They can be used to alert people about a dangerous zone that is off limits and also as a protective measure. Mobile fences can also be used for public roadways or event spaces. These include sporting events (marathons, bike races, etc.) and cultural events, especially concerts and festivals. This may involve separating the artists and athletes from the crowd, as well as controlling access to the event. So mobile fences are a very practical choice for this, whatever the duration and purpose of their use.

Are mobile fences a useful and practical choice for your site?

We have a wide assortment of them, with a lot of different models and products in stock to satisfy your needs. For your information, our fences have a standard height of 2 metres and a length of 2.50 metres. You will find self-supporting structures with legs and fences that mount on concrete blocks. The standard panel wire size is 4mm and can be increased to 5mm. If you want something more custom, we can tailor-make fencing to suit your specifications. Choose our quality solutions for your site. Colisage finds optimal solutions for transporting your apparatus by land and sea.

Advantages of standard mobile fencing

Due to their stackable packaging, mobile fences are easy to ship and can be moved quickly from one site to another. The te-fence mobile fence is a sturdy, rust-proof and highly-robust system. It’s a quick and easy system to install and uninstall. We also produce a custom mobile fencing system to meet your needs. We can add L or Y shaped arms fitted with razor or barbed wire to provide additional security in temporary areas requiring greater protection. This mobile fencing solution offers you a high level of security against human intruders. Te-Fence can provide everything you need to configure your mobile fencing system. Accessories include reinforced concrete blocks or blackout cladding, available upon request.

Vertical Profile Horizontal Profile
Profile Diameter Ø 38 mm Ø 38 mm
Profile Thickness 2,0 mm 2,0 mm
Lenght (m) 250 cm x 200 cm
3.00 m Hot Dip Galvanized
4.00 m Thickness 04 mm. Mesh Size: 100 mm x 250 mm
Weight 24 Kg
Vertical Profile Horizontal Profile
Profile Diameter Ø 38 mm Ø 38 mm
Profile Thickness 2,0 mm 2,0 mm
Fence Dimension 250 cm x 200 cm
Coating Hot Dip Galvanized
Panel Fence Thickness 04 mm. Mesh Size: 100 mm x 250 mm
Weight 24 Kg

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