Concertina Razor Wire (Spiral)

Concertina Razor Wire (Spiral)

Concertina Razor Wire (Spiral)

Concertina is security wire equipped with sharp blades with a 2.50mm diameter. It’s an extremely deterrent system that completes an existing fence through placement on a low wall or above flexible fencing or rigid panels. In our anti-climbing or high security fences, concertina barbed wire is installed in the flanges of Y- or L-shaped intermediate posts. Barbed wire is generally used for the protection of industrial and military zones, penitentiaries, borders and all sensitive areas requiring high surveillance. Due to the sharp blades, this type of barbed wire is not suitable for residential areas.

Concertina wire is fabricated in large coils and stretches like a concertina. Any human or animal attempting to pass through a concertina razor wire fence risks being injured by the blades. The razor wires are available in stainless steel, PVC-coated, and galvanized materials. In general, galvanized razor wire is affordable and highly effective.

Concertina wire roll is offered in single, double, or crossed spiraling coils. Straight razor wire, which may be welded to fences, is also available in addition to the looped concertina wire.

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What Is Barbed Wire and Why Are Barbed Wire Fences Effective?

Barbed wire, also known as barb wire, has been used to secure sites and to form fencing systems around land and property for decades. Barbed wire is a strong, steel wire knotted or coiled at regular intervals into sharp, pointed “barbs” designed to catch on clothing or pierce the skin of anyone who comes in contact with it or tries to climb over the wire. It provides a strong and visible deterrent to unwanted visitors, prevents animals from escaping a site, and helps restrict access to high-security, and sensitive areas.

Core Wire Diameter Ø 2,50 mm (±0,05)
Core Wire Coating
Hot Dip Galvanized Min 200 gr/m², Max 260 gr/m²
Core Wire Tensile
Min 1600 N/mm²
Razor Lenght 10 mm 22 mm
Razor Spacing 25 mm 36 mm
Razor Width 13 mm 15 mm
Razor Coating
Hot Dip Galvanized Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Roll Diameter Ø450 mm Ø600 mm Ø750 mm Ø900 mm Ø975 mm
Roll Weight 7 kg
10 kg
12 kg
14 kg
15 kg (+0,1)
Optimum Lenght 5 m 8 m 9 m 10 m 11 m
Maximum Lenght 7 m 10 m 12 m 14 m 15 m
Number Of Round 56 Loop
Quality Certificates TS EN 8745

 Why choose Te-Fence concertina razor wire spiral?

Spiral Concertina or spiral razor wire is the most deterrent barbed wire. Its sharp blades are 2.50 mm in diameter. This wire is installed on top of perimeter walls or low walls protecting sensitive sites, prisons, industrial zones or border frontiers. This barbed wire profile is only used in heavily guarded areas.

Nothing beats the concertina razor wire spiral as the ideal fence solution for facilities or high-security zones. It strengthens exclusive security standards due to its solid construction and durability.

Concertina razor wire differs, and the product offers various notable advantages, including:

  • It is the most effective and sustainable method of keeping intruders and animals away.
  • They are lightweight and easily transported from one location to another.
  • It has a durable construction.
  • Can be modified, stretched, re-erected, or repositioned.
  • It is easy to install and enhances the aesthetic appearance of your property.
  • Corrosion resistant even in wet conditions
  • Affordable high-grade wires
  • Suitable for harsh and severe weather conditions.

Who uses spiral Concertina?

Concertina is used on all five continents, including Europe, the Middle East and South America. Concertina, gabions and accessories represent more than one-tenth of Te-Fence’s production. Each blade is 0.5 mm. Although the Concertina razor wire spiral is made of highly galvanised steel, you can also ask for the product in stainless steel (AISI430) for harbour or very humid areas.

Concertina razor tape is a fencing material with unique security characteristics. The wires are commonly used in high-security settings such as:

  • Military facility or camps
  • Train stations
  • Borders
  • Airport
  • Entertainment parks
  • Government establishments
  • Public real estate
  • Restricted zones

It can be installed on rigid or flexible fences. For example, our customers have anti-climbing fences or high-security fences at their properties. The barbed wire is installed in the flanges of intermediate posts. You can choose a Y or L-type installation. There are four diameters for the spiral opening, 45 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm or 90 cm.

The wire sizes must be precise, and you can extend them over the fence line. There should be no space between the coils and grasps. When you reach the end, use a plier to cut it off, and ensure that you use gloves while handling the wire since it has very sharp points.

Do not attempt to install the wire unless you have experience with it. If you are unsure about how to proceed with the installation, you can contact the specialists at TE-Fence to guide you.

TE-Fence manufactures and distributes razor wire types worldwide. Te-Fence is a production and export brand of TMEC International and is based in Istanbul, Turkey. Te-Fence has opted for three types of installation:

Spiral Concertina:

These are over-panel fence systems that are spring-loaded and installed over L- or Y-shaped intermediate supports. A spiral concertina is a razor wire fence interconnected at multiple points in a specific pattern with spiraling coils and razor concertina wire. The spiral razor security fence is more effective than single-reinforced barbed tape concertina and traditional barbed wire barriers, and it is difficult to destroy or overcome.

Furthermore, spiral razor wire barriers range in coil diameter and the number of clamps used to secure the coils.

Flat Concertina:

They are made of single-strand razor wire and form a stylish and efficient barrier against walls and fences.

It is a variation of the spiral razor security fence but differs from the razor wire concertina as its adjoining coils are connected with galvanized steel staples. You can install the razor-mesh barrier on structural panels.

Concertina wire:

This barbed wire is laid in a straight line on fence posts with a slope of 45° on the top, thus making crossing difficult. It is preferable to use L- or Y-shaped intermediary supports, and the wiring is installed over the wall to prevent anyone from crossing it.

It also has a sharp razor attached to the divide to prevent trespassing by people and animals. The blades come in various types, and customers can request unique specifications.

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