Flat Wrap Razor Wire

Flat Wrap Razor Wire

Flat Wrap Razor Wire 

Concertina is security wire equipped with sharp blades with a 2.50mm diameter. It’s an extremely deterrent system that completes an existing fence through placement on a low wall or above flexible fencing or rigid panels. In our anti-climbing or high security fences, concertina barbed wire is installed in the flanges of Y- or L-shaped intermediate posts. Barbed wire is generally used for the protection of industrial and military zones, penitentiaries, borders and all sensitive areas requiring high surveillance. Due to the sharp blades, this type of barbed wire is not suitable for residential areas.

Flat wrap razor wire is similar to the other concertina razor wire types we produce but has a flat design. This strong, durable wire is used on low walls and with security fencing systems to protect industrial, sensitive, and high-security sites. It is not suitable for residential use, as the blades along its length are sharp and could cause significant injury to anyone who tries to pass or climb over it. Typical applications of flat wrap razor wire include deterring potential thieves and intruders at military facilities, industrial and construction sites, embassies, laboratories, or nuclear plants. Flat wrap razor wire is also commonly used to prevent illegal passage across borders or contain prisoners in correctional facilities.

Core Wire
Ø 2,50 mm (±0,05)
Core Wire
Coating Ratio
Galvanise a chaud Min 200 gr/m2, Max 260 gr/m2
Core Wire
Tensile Strenght
Min 1600 N/mm2
Razor Lenght 10 mm 22 mm
Razor Spacing 25 mm 36 mm
Razor Width 13 mm 15 mm
Razor Coating
Hot Dip Galvanized Stainless Steel AISI430 Acier Inoxydable AISI430
Roll Diameter Ø450 mm Ø450 mm (ECO) Ø600 mm Ø600 mm (ECO) Ø900 mm
Roll Weight 12 kg
6 kg
12 kg
6,5 kg
10 kg (±0,1)
Optimum Lenght 7 m 10 m 10 m 10 m 8 m
Number Of Round 73 54 73 37 39
Planar Razor Wire

Flat Wrap Razor Wire Price

Several factors affecting flat wrap razor wire price include: 

  • The type of flat wrap razor wire you choose: Razor wire can be made from standard galvanized or weather-resistant stainless steel, with the latter better for outdoor use. The flat wrap razor wire meter price will vary depending on your selection.
  • The length of wire required: Your site’s size will determine the length of wire you need. Razor wire is attached using Y or L-shaped frames, with more wire necessary if you intend to coil the wire rather than string it in straight lines between the flanges.
  • Shipping costs: Delivery charges will vary according to the required delivery location. 

Flat Wrap Razor Wire Delivery and Installation

TE-Fence offers a time and cost-effective service from your flat wrap razor wire order to its delivery and installation. Since 1997, we have manufactured high-security and anti-climb fencing systems, barbed wire, and concertina wire for use on various military, industrial, and commercial sites in over 95 countries. Our logistics team is used to organizing the fast and affordable shipment of our products to almost every global location.

Your flat wrap razor wire delivery is shipped by land and sea in a container to your location. It arrives in protective wrapping in coils to reduce the risk of damage and injury during transportation. The wire is usually fitted to low walls, high-security fences, or anti-climb fencing panels that run the perimeter or boundary of a site. The flat wrap razor wire installation is done via the flanges of L-shaped or Y-shaped intermediate posts, which we can also supply. The assembly process is carried out at your location. We are on hand to offer complete instruction and guidance, and a specialist assembly team can attend for larger projects or on request.  

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