Panel fence companies near me

Panel fence companies near me

Panel Fence Companies Near Me: Price, Average Cost, Installation and Assembly

TE-Fence is a leading panel fence manufacturer in Turkey committed to supplying innovative panel fencing solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial use worldwide. If you are searching for a panel fence company near me, here’s a look at our range of products, how to install panel fence, and why they are a time and cost-effective alternative to other common fencing systems.

What Are Our Panel Fence Types?

TE-Fence makes three different panel fence types: standard panel fences, aesthetic panel fences, and double-welded mesh panel fences. Each is designed and manufactured remotely at our facility in Turkey and shipped to your site for assembly.

  • Standard Panel Fences: Available now in heights ranging from 75 cm to 300 cm, our standard panel fences are our most popular and affordable product. These easy-to-install and practical fences can be used to form a boundary, placed along perimeters, used to secure a site, or placed around a home or commercial estate to offer intruder protection. Each panel has a 150 mm x 50 mm mesh made with 4 mm thick wire and is secured at intervals by posts that can be fitted with a Y or L arm for barbed wire. All our standard fences come with steel attachment clips and mountings.
  • Aesthetic Panel Fences: Available in several attractive colours, our aesthetic panel fences are more decorative than other panel fence models. They are typically used to frame the land around residential buildings or provide security around stadiums, schools, parks, and public areas. These durable, weather-resistant structures have round or square intermediate posts at the height of up to 3 metres. Barbed wire can be added via L or Y-shaped arms if necessary, and the panels have a mesh size of 50 mm x 50 mm, 50 mm x 100 mm, or 50 mm x 150 mm. Assembly clips or mountings are included.
  • Double-Wire Rigid Panel Fences: For sites that require a high level of security, like airports, dual carriageways, railway lines, prisons, defence facilities, and heavy industry sites, our double-wire panel fences offer the ideal solution. They feature heavy-duty hot-dipped galvanised steel fence panels with vertical and horizontal mesh strands to offer ultimate intruder and escapee protection. The wire used is also more robust and thicker than other panel fence models (between 5 mm and 8 mm), and the mesh size is 50 mm x 200 mm. In addition, the posts can be fitted with either Y or L-shaped arms to allow concertina or barbed wire to be attached.

How To Install a Panel Fence

All the panel fences TE-Fence manufacture are easy to install. They are precision-made to size in Istanbul, then flat-packed and shipped to your site in a specially packed container. Once the fence arrives, it can be swiftly assembled by embedding the posts or erecting them on a baseplate.


  • Embedding The Posts (Buried Installation): This method is best for sites with loose terrain. It involves securing the struts (posts) in holes filled with cement at correctly measured intervals around the perimeter (The distance apart will depend on the size of the fence panels ordered). Once the posts are set, the mesh panels can be easily secured using the steel clips supplied.

Baseplate Installation: A concrete baseplate is a good option for challenging and hard terrains or on sites with underground services or utility lines buried underneath. The posts are erected on a strong, stable foundation and fixed into place using mounts. The panel fence sections are then attached using the given steel clips.

Panel fence companies near me
Panel fence companies near me
Panel fence companies near me

How Is the Price of a Panel Fence Determined?

Our panel fence prices are determined according to four main factors:

  • Fence Type: TE-Fence produces three main designs of panel fences; standard, aesthetic, and double-wire rigid panel fences. Each fence type is priced differently as the wire thickness, materials used in the construction, and height of the panels vary.  
  • Area To Be Fenced: The size of the site to be fenced dictates the number of panels and arms used. The larger the site, the higher the cost.
  • Labour Costs: The labour cost needed to make the fence and to install the system in place affects the price.

Shipping and Delivery Charges: The TE-Fence logistics team are specialists in organising our fencing systems’ economic sea and land transportation. We ship our fences to over 120 countries, often in remote locations. Shipping costs do differ according to the country and area you are based. Still, as an example, 1600 m of 200 cm x 200 cm standard panel fencing, including the panels, posts and mounting equipment, can be transported in a 40 ft sea container.

TE-Fence Is the Best Fence Company for You and Your Budget!

TE-Fence products come with a 10-year guarantee and are custom-made to your specifications. If you are looking for the best panel fence prices or for panel fence companies near you, please contact us now for a quote.

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