Panel Fence Usage & Advantages

Panel Fence Advantages

Panel Fence Usage & Advantages

Panel fences are the go-to fence solution for many public and private spaces as they offer a strong, long-lasting, and practical way to mark off boundaries and secure a building or area. TE-fence produces several styles of panel fences ideal for residential use or use on industrial or construction sites. See below for an overview of how our panel fence systems are used and some key panel fence advantages.

What Are Panel Fences?

Panel fences are pre-manufactured panels made of wire and mesh and supported at regular points by rigid, straight rails. The sections come in various sizes and designs to fit a given area and suit their application.

Why Use a Panel Fence?

Panel fences have many advantages. They are made from high-grade galvanised steel coated with electrostatic or PVC paint. They are anti-corrosive, long-lasting, highly durable, and quick to erect, making them a practical and cost-effective alternative to most other fencing systems.

See below five of the main benefits of using panel fences:

1. Time & Cost-Effective

Due to the high-quality materials and precision technology used in the manufacturing process of panel fences, far less waste is produced, which is better for the environment and your pocket. The speed of delivery and assembly also results in additional time, labour, and cost savings.

2. Easy to Assemble

Custom fences and other standard fencing systems usually require purchasing many posts and pickets and then spending considerable time pounding these into the ground to create the frame and structure. In contrast, panel fences require fewer posts, meaning the system costs less, and the time and labour needed to erect the fence are significantly reduced.

3. Long Lasting

The strong, galvanised steel wire used in panel fences is corrosion resistant; therefore lasts longer and needs far less maintenance than wooden fences and other common fencing materials. This means panel fences can be used almost anywhere, even in the most challenging locations.

4. Doesn’t Hinder CCTV & Video Surveillance

The fencing panels we produce have a sleek and modern appearance. You can still see through the standard mesh panels, meaning CCTV and video surveillance systems are not compromised.

5. Highly Versatile

Panel fences can be used in many environments, including schools, prisons, commercial and industrial sites, residential estates, public and defence buildings, and construction sites.

Types of Panel Fences From TE-Fence

TE-Fence is a leading supplier of panel fence Turkey. We supply panel fence Germany, panel fence USA, and panel fencing systems from our factory near Istanbul to most other global locations. We produce three standard panel fence types: standard, aesthetic, and double-wire fences.

Standard panel fences are TE-Fence’s most popular and affordable product. We produce seven standard fences in heights ranging from 75 cm to 300 cm, with each panel integrated with a Y or L arm. The fence panels each have a 150 mm x 50 mm mesh made with a wire thickness of 4 mm. These practical, easy-to-install fences are easily secured with steel clips and are ideal for residential, commercial, and marine use.

The decorative (aesthetic) panel fences come in several attractive colours and are typically used to form boundaries or provide secure areas around schools, sports stadiums, parks, public areas, football pitches, or residential estates. The height varies between 75 cm to 300 cm, and the mesh comes in three sizes: 50 mm x 150 mm, 50 mm x 100 mm, or 50 mm x 50 mm. The posts can be either round or square, and each can be fitted with a Y or L arm if barbed or concertina wire is necessary.

The heavy-duty double-wire fence systems we manufacture are commonly used to provide extra security around sensitive or high-risk areas such as railway lines, airports, military bases, dual carriageways, laboratories, and heavy industry sites. They are made with a double horizontal wire of 5mm or 6 mm and a vertical wire of 6 mm or 8 mm. The mesh size is 50 mm x 200 mm. The posts are either Y or L-shaped, and you can incorporate concertina or barbed wire into the system.

Standard Panel Fence

Standard Panel Fence

Aesthetic Panel Fence

Aesthetic Panel Fence

Double Panel Fence

Double Panel Fence

Fast Shipping & Easy Assembly of Panel Fences

All the panel fences TE-Fence produce come with a 10-year guarantee and are designed to be quick and easy to assemble. The fence panels are manufactured remotely in our facility in Turkey and then custom packed for economical shipping. For example, 1600 m of 200 cm x 200 cm rigid panel fencing, including all posts, clips and mounting equipment, can typically be transported in a 40 ft sea container. Once the shipment arrives, it can be installed on a simple baseplate or by embedding. The steel clips we supply then attach the standard panels to the posts.

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