Anti-Climb Fence Panels

Anti-Climb Fence Panels

Anti-Climb Fence Panels: High-Security Solutions From Te-Fence

If you want to protect your facility against intruders, prevent escapees, or stop trespassers from accessing your site, anti-climb fence panels offer the solution. Our high-security anti-climb fences come in various sizes and designs to meet your security needs and preferences. This article discusses the prices of anti-climb panel fences, why you should use them, their features and benefits, and their application.

Why Use Anti-Climb Panel Fences?

Anti-climb fence panels offer far more protection than standard chain-link and other fencing options. They are made to comply with current European security standards so they can be used by defence facilities, the military, prisons, embassies, and the government. Anti-climb panel fences are a go-to solution for many reasons. They provide a practical, cost-effective, quick-to-install way to restrict access and prevent unwanted exit from almost any industrial or commercial site or facility. The fence panels are precision-made using high technology to ensure consistent quality. They are available in various colours and have a sleek, flat, rectangular finish. Each panel is made from long-lasting and weather-resistant double vertical wire mesh to make it difficult to cut or traverse. The panels can also be topped with razor wire, concertina wire or barbed wire to offer the ultimate high-security barrier or perimeter at your site.

What Are the Application Areas of Anti-Climb Panel Fences?

Anti-climb fences offer high security to any site that needs to deter and prevent thieves, intruders, trespassers, or escapees. Common applications include:

  • Military and defence
  • Prison perimeters
  • Police stations and law courts
  • Government and public buildings
  • Medical facilities, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies
  • Zoos and wildlife ranges
  • Airports and shipyards
  • Dual carriageways, embankments, and railway lines
  • Electricity, utility, and nuclear plants
  • Schools and sports stadiums
  • Large private and commercial estates
  • Warehouses and storage units
  • Heavy engineering, mining, and industrial sites
  • Construction sites, archaeological digs and quarries
  • Recycling plants, landfills, and environmental facilities
Anti-Climb Fence Panel
Anti-Climb Fence Panels

Features and Advantages of Anti-Climb Panel Fences

Anti-climb fence panels are now commonplace in most high-security environments. They are popular because they have many benefits over standard perimeter and chain-link fencing systems. Some of the main advantages of anti-climb panel fences include the following:


  • Cost Effective: All the posts, panels, and elements of high-security fences are manufactured remotely, keeping time and labour costs down. The state-of-the-art technology used to make the panels ensures minimum material wastage, while the economical transportation of the system to your site creates more financial savings.


  • Easy to Install: Your entire security fence arrives flat-packed in a container with all the panels, posts, mountings, and attachment clips included. They can be quickly and easily embedded or installed on a baseplate so your fence can be assembled and used quickly.


  • Low Maintenance: Our high-security fences are strong, weather-proof, and corrosion-resistant; therefore, the fence requires very little long-term maintenance.

Versatile: The panels come in several colours and designs, all of which can be topped with Y or L-shaped arms so that razor wire, concertina wire, or barbed wire toppers can be attached. Custom production and additional strength and security are also available.

As one of the world’s biggest anti-climb fence suppliers, we provide a great selection of standard and optimised high-security fence systems. One of our most popular products is our 2m anti-height fence panel, used to protect sensitive sites all over the globe.

These strong, non-removable panels are anti-climb and bolt-cutter resistant. The heavy steel wire is resistant to chemicals, explosives, vehicle collisions, and climbing equipment, making it perfect for high-security settings. The tight wire mesh is too strong and small to permit feet or finger access, therefore rendering the fence almost impossible to climb with ease. You can find our 2m anti-height panel fences protecting many sites, and this product is one of TE-Fence’s most popular high-security solutions.  

TE-Fence is one of the leading anti climb fence manufacturers committed to offering top-quality fencing at competitive prices. The cost of our fencing systems varies according to the type of fence ordered, the size of the project, the labour costs, and the shipping and transportation from our factory in Turkey to your site. For a quote or to learn more about the prices of anti-climb panel fences, please get in touch with us. 

Anti-Climb Fence Panels Manufacturing and Extensive Supply Chain – TE-Fence!

Our anti-climb panel fences are custom-made to your requirements and come with a 10-year guarantee. We manufacture various sizes and gauges of high-security fences from our facility just outside Istanbul in Turkey, all made to meet your security preferences. We currently ship our fencing solutions to sites in over 95 countries, and our shipping expertise ensures you receive a top-quality product every time. Talk to one of our fencing specialists today to find out what anti-climb panel fence is right for you. 


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