Razor Barbed Wire Uganda

Razor Barbed Wire Uganda

Razor Barbed Wire Uganda | Razor Barbed Wire Prices 2023

Ensuring your site is secure in Africa is essential, so you may want to invest in concertina barbed wire and high-security fencing systems for many reasons. Concertina razor wire and concertina fences are strong and provide a high level of protection at an affordable price, which is why so many companies, sites, and facilities are now using razor barbed wire in Uganda, Ghana, and other African nations. Let’s examine the features and benefits of razor wire and concertina accordion fences, their applications, our products, and the average razor barbed wire Uganda prices in 2023.

Concertina Wire: Fast Supply Network All Over Ghana

Concertina razor wire is a strong galvanised steel barbed wire fitted with extra sharp blades (razors) spaced along its length. The wire is designed to cause significant injury to anyone or anything that encounters or tries to cross it. This type of razor wire is mainly used for high-security, defence, construction, and industrial purposes and is unsuitable for residential use. It is attached to low walls or concertina accordion fence systems via the flanges of Y-shaped or L-shaped intermediate posts. It can be threaded straight or coiled and comes in several wire lengths and razor designs.

Razor wire and accordion fences threatening appearance and the risk of injury strongly deter intruders or anyone wanting to enter or escape illegally, making them a popular choice in many locations in Uganda. Concertina fences and razor wire offer a cost-effective way to achieve high security and protection.

TE-Fence manufactures and supplies razor wire and concertina fences to over 95 countries, including Ghana and Uganda. Our products are made in Turkey, then shipped and delivered to your site, where local contractors can easily install them or we can arrange for a specialist assembly team to attend. TE-Fence’s fast and efficient supply network in Ghana ensures you receive our products quickly and at the best price.

Features and Advantages of Accordion (Concertina) Fences

TE-Fence is a leading supplier of galvanised steel barbed wire and accordion concertina fence systems. Our products are made at our facility in Turkey, where we use the latest technology to ensure all products are of uniformly high quality. See the product features and some benefits of using concertina razor wire with your perimeter fences below.

Razor Barbed Wire Uganda
Razor Barbed Wire Uganda
Razor Barbed Wire Manufacturers

The Features of TE-Fence Concertina Razor Wire Fences

  •       Wire Material: High-grade galvanised steel or corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  •       Wire Thickness: 2,50cm
  •       Design: Spiral or flat with a spiral opening of 45 cm – 60 cm or 90 cm
  •       Installation: The wire is installed via an L-shaped or Y-shaped bracket attached to the intermediate posts holding the fence panels. Each bracket can hold between 2 and 6 lines of concertina wire.
  •       Blade Dimensions: 2,20 cm x 1,50 cm / 1,00 cm x 1,30 cm
  •       Blade Thickness: 0,50 mm
  •       Blade Spacing: 2,50 cmReel Sizes: We supply the wire in 200 m and 250 m reels.

The Advantages of Using Concertina Razor Wire Fences:

  •       To Contain Livestock and Civilians:  The presence of razor barbed wire acts as a strong visible deterrent against escape, so it is often used on high-security and anti-climb fences in prisons and military facilities. Ranges, safari parks, zoos, and farmland also use razor wire to prevent livestock straying and wild animals from entering a given area.
  •       To Mark Boundaries: Concertina accordion fences and razor wire is often used to mark the perimeters and boundaries of ranges, industrial, and construction sites. The wire acts as a clear sign of ownership between plots and properties and helps to confirm ownership and avoid disputes.
  •       For Protection: Theft, intruders, and crime is a concern for many industrial and mining sites, military bases, laboratories, and facilities in Uganda. Many now choose to fit their exterior fences with concertina razor wire to deter vandals, thieves and intruders and help safeguard their property.

Average Cost of 1000m2 Concertina Wire in Ghana

TE-Fence is a leading manufacturer of concertina fence systems and razor wire in Uganda and Ghana, and we are committed to supplying top-quality products at the best price. The razor wire we produce comes in spiral and flat designs. Both types can easily be incorporated into most existing fences via the Y and L-shaped brackets we can supply. Alternatively, we can organise a quote for a full concertina accordion fence or anti-climb system.

Our razor wire prices in 2023 depend on a number of factors, including the type of razor wire you choose (galvanised or stainless steel), the design and spacing of the razors, and the length of razor wire required. If you would like more information on our concertina razor wire and to receive a competitive quote for razor barbed wire in Uganda, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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