358 Anti Climb Fence

358 anti climb fence manufacturers are offering you a chance to get better security systems and stop worrying about your property. This special type of fencing is anti-climb, protected against bolt cutters and other attempts to cut through. It is heavy and will hold up heavy weights like a person’s full weight or even a small batter ram. 358 anti climb fence can be applied wherever you need it as the final piece of your security system.

358 Anti Climb Fence

What is 358  Anti Climb Fence?

The 358 fence is a special type of fence used for military bases, prisons and other high security establishments. Its design is different from normal security mesh fences. The standard for the 358 anti climb fence manufacturers is the dimensions used in the market. The 358 in the name describes the dimensions of the mesh and the material. The horizontal distance between the bars is 3 inches and the vertical distance is 0.5 inches high. The 8 comes from the 8 gauge steel wire used to make the fence which is approximately 4 inches thick. Dimensions of the wire can vary. In addition, standard 8 gauge steel can be replaced with thinner steel options to lighten the fence’s weight. A standard panel of 8×8’ can weigh up to 122 lbs depending on the material used.


This heavy duty type security fence is one of the best anti climbing fence you can find on the market due to its properties and the customizability chance we offer in TE-FENCE. Get started in protecting your property by putting down a heavy foot or a heavy anti climb 358 fence panel.

Where Can 358 Anti Climb Fence Be Used?

The utilities of the 358 anti climb fence are up to the customer’s needs. It can be applied onto already applied security fences to add extra security where it might be needed. The fence panel can be applied on the top, to prevent intruders from getting over the fence. Or the application can be made on the lower half of a covered area to eliminate the intruder’s possibility of cutting through the already existing wire.

As one of the 358 anti climb fence Turkey industry leaders we offer solutions to any problem you might have. Our panels can be integrated into any new project you might need; offering you the ability to use different panels and fence types for different parts of your protection system.


You can use the 358 anti climb fence;

  • in hospitals to ensure the safety of corrosive or explosive materials and explosive gasses like oxygen and nytrogen,
  • in factories to keep intruders out of the control rooms or power engines and keep your workers safe,
  • in industrial zones where the corrosive and expensive materials should be kept safe and sepereated from one another,
  • on personal properties to guard your privacy and safety of your business.


Anywhere you might need, 358 anti climb fence manufacturers can help integrate the heavy duty protective panels into your systems. TE-FENCE can help you design, renew and install protective security systems custom to your needs. Just contact TE-FENCE and leave the rest to our experienced hands.

358 anti climb fences
358 Security Mesh Fencing

How Is 358 Anti Climb Fence Installed?

The 358 anti climb fence companies provide options for installment for this heavy and sturdy type of protection. Due to its thickness, the fence panels are heavy and hard to cut. After contacting our team, we manufacture the panels you will need as well as the posts in between. The posts are inserted into the holes that you and our team have decided on. Since it is heavy, if you are planning to apply the 358 anti climb fence you might need to add extra posts to your already existing fence system.

After getting on the posts in the right places, the 358 anti climb fence panels will be welded with special equipment onto the posts. This process requires industrial welders since the materials used are both heavy duty. But usually this is included into the planning and manufacturing process and the costs 358 anti climb fence companies offer in the planning phase.

With 25 years of expertise, TE-FENCE, is the 358 anti climb fence Turkey market leader. With TE-FENCE, planning, shipping and installment of the 358 anti climb fence will be as smooth as it can be.

TE-FENCE offers quality and good work in any type of fencing you might need, from choosing the right material to color and coating options. The quality of our manufacturing and the raw materials used to make 358 anti climb fence and any other type of fence you might need ensures long use with no problems.

For getting started with planning and deciding on what type of 358 anti climb fence or any other type of fence you might need for your security problems, contact us and get started on building up your protection. It’s easy, economic and chich with TE-FENCE.

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