358 Security Mesh Fencing

358 Security Mesh Fencing


358 Security Mesh Fence Production


Manufactured by machines to make up for its weight and size, 358 security mesh fencing is on the rise for all the right reasons. As new 358 security mesh fence manufacturers are popping up everywhere with different advertisements, it might be hard to decide where to begin to protect your property.

The 358 fence is named after its dimensions; 3 inches wide and 0.5 inches high in dimensions made from 8 gauge wire. These are the standards many 358 fencing manufacturers use. Some alterations can be made to change the mesh size for your needs or use a different type of steel to make the installation easier. The panels, connecting pieces, and the wire options to complete your protection system can be unique to you.

How Is 358 Security Mesh Fencing Made?

Made from 4-inch thick, 8 gauge mild steel wire, 358 security mesh fencing is a weapon of protection. It is different from regulal fencing you might use for separating sections in your property or keeping things covered. The thick steel wire needs to be welded at the intersection points, and it is no job for small machinery. The 358 security fence manufacturers have industrial-sized machines to position and weld precisely each intersection point of the fence. This is to ensure that the mesh is spaced perfectly and the joints are welded, secure and durable.

The heavy and hard materials used in the process are the standard of the industry; thus the curving of a panel requires professional opinion on the design phase to ensure a smooth application and long use life with no problems. This is also important since you can not cut the 8 gauge steel with tools that aren’t industrial grade.

Orders are manufactured especially for your needs at our factory in Turkey. Your orders will be shipped internationally in cost-effective packaging.

Due to these aspects, 358 mesh fencing has a different price range than a regular mesh fence. Considering all the superior aspects compared to the normal mesh fences, the pricing is well worth it. TE-FENCE offers you security and quality in the best price range.

What is 358 Security Mesh Fencing Made From?

358 security mesh fencing is made from steel wire, but you can choose between different coating options for some aspects of the fence. You can leave the fence as it is, or protect it from external conditions with hot dip galvanized panels or zincalum.

Standard galvanized panels can be used for environments with no corrosive elements like humidity or a source of water nearby. You can also go with a hot dip galvanized panel.

If your fences will be installed in highly corrosive environments, you can choose zincalum panels. It’s a known fact by 358 fencing manufacturers that this type is coated with a mixture of aluminum and zinc, which serves as a corrosion-resistant material.

Depending on the order size, 358 security mesh fence manufacturers can help you customize your project by changing the color or the finish of the coating. Available color coat finishing styles can change depending on the coating you opt for, but usually, the coloring is either paint or powder coating. The suggested color for certain terrains can change. If the fence will be exposed to sunlight a lot, advised coloring and finishing options may vary if you apply the fencing to a dark forest area.

358 Security Mesh Fencing
358 anti climb fences

Can 358 Mesh Fencing Be Improved?

If your security needs more than 358 security mesh fencing, do not fret. In the planning phase, 358 security fence manufacturers can offer you different options to strengthen the security of your property with plans and solutions created just for you.

The connecting posts and the panel installment might require extra pieces, including wedges, special clips, or high-security clamps on surfaces like polyurethane resin, artificial grass, or EPDM membranes. This is due to the heavy set of panels that come as the base for 358 mesh fencing.

The strong panels can be backed up with another layer of mesh panel integrated into your fencing system to reduce the aperture size and make the panel even stronger against vandalism and infiltration. While these layers can be applied to both parts of a standard 358 security mesh fencing panel, you should be aware of the extra weight this will add on to the already heavy panels. This might require extra posts and security installments.

In most cases, the 358 mesh fencing will be enough. But if not, you have options to choose from.

For any problem or question you might have regarding the process of designing or installment, contact us. As one of the best 358 security fencing manufacturers in Turkey, TE-FENCE offers 25 years of expertise all around the globe. Work with TE-FENCE and leave worrying about your security behind the fence.

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