Leading manufacturer of High Quality Fencing System in Turkey

TE-FENCE is a production and export trademark of the TMEC INTERNATIONAL group, based in Istanbul, Turkey.

TE-FENCE specializes in the design, production and exportation of fencing systems such as flexible fences (simple or double torsion mesh), rigid panel fences, temporary fences for worksites, concertina wire, barbed wire, gates and doors, as well as fencing systems for sports facilities.

TE-FENCE is also a worldwide provider and installer of acrylic floors, artificial turf and polyurethane resin or EPDM surfaces.

Our robust fencing systems, cost-efficient and especially designed for exportation, will respond to your needs and will satisfy your demands of product quality and delivery time.

Manufacturing Capacity

• Producer of Fencing Systems since 1997
• Made in Turkey, 45.000m2 production space
Daily Production Capacity : 15,000m2 of flexible
fence, 50,000 m of galvanised barbed wire, 9,000 m2
of rigid panel fence.
Team of 128 Production workers and 19
non-production workers.

Leading Global Exporter

• More than 95 countries
• 5 Continents
• Main Markets: Middle East – Europe
-South America
• Breakdown of export by product:
Panel fence system (68%)
Chain link fence system (20%)
Gabions – fence accessories – concertina (12%)

Our Certificates

TE FENCE 10 (ISO-10002-2018)
TE FENCE 45 (ISO-45001-2018)

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