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Anti Climb Fence

The anti climb fence is a welded wire-mesh fence with a neat, rectangular design and high-level security. The panels will help keep intruders from scaling or climbing the barrier. Many types of anti-climb fences are also designed to discourage cutting and they are available in various gauges and heights to meet your demands and security preferences.

An anti climb fence is more secure than a standard chain-link fence. They are also more rigid, with a double vertical wire welding construction that makes them difficult to traverse. It is the most popular option among high-security clients such as prisons, energy companies, government facilities, and military sites when paired with a fence topper of razor wire or barbed wire, or security fencing surges.

Talk to our fencing experts to learn about the style of anti climb fence   that is best for you.

Anti climb fence systems

If you are looking for high-security anti climb fence systems to secure your company and equipment, the TE-Fence fencing company offers the best choice for you. The high-security panel fence will satisfy all your requirements. We are industry experts, providing high-quality items.

You may safeguard sensitive locations with the high-security panel fence. It is the most effective security mechanism that meets current European security standards and may be used in correctional centers, embassies, administrative offices, and industrial sites.

High-security fencing has several characteristics that provide various benefits. It is an anti climb fence with a mesh size of 12.7 mm x 76.2 mm, or 50 mm x 50 mm, and is highly galvanized to withstand corrosion from the weather and arrives pre-colored. To defend against vandalism and enhance security, you may add barbed wire or toppers and double the panels.

We can fulfill your specifications and ensure that it is made to the measure, regardless of the size of the area. Our high-security panel fence is customized, and we ship internationally from our Turkish factory.

Anti climb fence benefits

The anti climb fence can serve different purposes depending on where and how it is erected.

They keep burglars and criminals away, violent or unstable inhabitants safe, and maintain the security of a large company.


Anti climb fence benefits include:

  • Easy to install
  • High visibility without sacrificing security
  • Low maintenance
  • Welded at each intersection
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Double vertical wire design to prevent intrusion
  • It is combined with a fence topper for enhanced protection
  • Small mesh apertures for anti-climb and anti-cut
  • Finished after welding to protect weld spots

In our 25 years as a fencing company, we have witnessed the demand for anti climb fence systems explode. Here are a few benefits of the anti climb fence that our various clients have enjoyed from their fencing solutions.

  • Office Structures

The anti climb fence helps to restrict access to private parking and secure places such as the HVAC equipment and dumpster.

  • Hospitality Sector

Many hotels have pool areas as guest amenities. Anti-climb fences may keep children safe while preventing overzealous people from pool hopping, potentially dangering the safety of other guests, and drowning.

  • Sports stadiums

Anti climb fence helps prevent people from having access to the field after the game has begun, discourage event crashers, and prevent those who were ejected for unruly conduct from returning.

  • Industrial Facilities

Warehouses, factories, and utility plants may contain hazardous or valuable tools and equipment. The anti climb fence protects the facility and maintains public safety by deterring trespassing after working hours.

Anti climb fence manufacturers

TE-FENCE is one of the world’s leading high-security fencing and anti climb fence manufacturers, and we are the top exporter of this product to over 95 countries. Since 1997, we have been developing, manufacturing, supplying, exporting, and installing high-quality mobile, temporary, and long-lasting rigid or flexible fences.

Our high-security anti climb fence systems are designed to protect sensitive sites such as high-value construction sites, correctional centers, oil or mining sites, embassies, and consulates. The anti-intrusion panels provide the most effective security formation.

We provide a complete panel installation solution with all accessories and tamper-proof posts for low maintenance and durability.

As one of the world’s leading anti climb fence manufacturers, we offer standard and highly dip-galvanized steel at 250 grams/m2 or an optional highly galvanized steel at 540 grams/m2 for corrosion resistance and excellent weathering. Over the hot-dipped galvanized wire, our panels are coated with PVC or electrostatic powder polyester paint in standard RAL 6005 green or personalized colors to match your preferences.

Our rigid panels range in height from 150 cm to 300 cm, while the wire thickness is 5 to 6 mm. The 2-ply mesh is 10 mm x 50 mm, 12.7 mm x 76.2 mm, or customized.

Based on the project, intermediate posts with L- or Y-arms of 30 cm or 50 cm can be inserted, allowing for the integration of standard barbed wire or concertina wire with anti-intrusion blades, and twin panels can also be installed for maximum security.

We use a customized packing strategy for our goods to save on transportation costs and satisfy the budget of each project. When installing the panel system and posts, we may use attachments such as special clips, wedges, or high-security clamps on artificial grass, acrylic surfaces, EPDM membranes, and polyurethane resin, depending on the location.

We adapt to your requirements and demands regardless of the size of your project, and also provide customized, individualized, and high-quality design, manufacture, and execution of your specifications ensuring effective and long-lasting security against infiltration and vandalism.

TE-Fence is a global leader among high-security anti climb fence manufacturers, so you can visit our website and contact the experts for advice or a customized quote. We will offer you the best solution to your security needs with a high-security anti climb fence.

Anti climb fence turkey

Look no further if you seek an anti climb fence Turkey. Since 1997, the TE-Fence fencing company has served Turkey and its surrounding areas. Our industry expertise and experience are unparalleled, and we provide the best fence design, production, and installation services nationwide.

The anti climb fence Turkey factory has a manufacturing space of about 45,000 m2, allowing us to produce innovative fencing solutions that meet even the most demanding projects. Our daily manufacturing capacity for a flexible fence is 15,000 m2, rigid panel fence is 9,000 m2, and galvanized barbed wire is 50,000 ml.


Anti climb fence companies

We understand that you have other alternatives for anti climb fence companies, but it is best to go with a company like ours that has been trusted for decades by various industries and multinationals. At TE-Fence, we take fencing systems seriously and provide solutions for some of the world’s most secure facilities, which include military bases, nuclear power plants, oil and gas industries, and other high-risk regions. You cannot afford to cut corners with the production of anti-cutting fencing at your facility.

Our anti climb fence manufacturing method produces visually appealing, extremely secure welded wire mesh. These fence products have a wire mesh that is too thin to permit wire cutters or potential fence climbers’ fingertips.

The heavy steel wire is also resistant to:

  • Chemicals and explosives;
  • Power cutting and climbing equipment;
  • Vehicle collisions.

At TE-Fence, we outperform other anti climb fence companies because we consistently prioritize our consumers. We recognize that security requirements are time-sensitive, so your facility cannot operate without a fence for a long time. That is why we are always ready for reacting to urgent demands.

Our company has provided wire mesh and security solutions for decades, and happy customers prefer us to other anti climb fence companies. Trust us to showcase our exceptional customer service and personalized items, and contact us today to learn more about how we can make your facility safer.

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