Does Barbed Wire Provide Security?


Does barbed wire provide security? The simple answer is yes; barbed wire has been used for decades to provide a high level of protection and deter unwanted civilians and livestock from entering restricted areas. Before CCTV and high-technology security systems, barbed wire was used by farms, prisons, the military, substations, industrial, and construction sites as an easy-to-install and cost-effective intruder deterrent. Barbed wire continues to be a popular first-line defence with many applications worldwide. Te-Fence is one of the leading barbed wire manufacturers supplying barbed wire USA, South Africa, Germany, France, and many other countries, so here’s a look at some of the ways barbed wire is used, its features, why it offers a viable security measure, and the barbed wire products we produce.

Barbed Wire: An Effective First-Line Defence for Your Facility

Barbed wire is one of the oldest and most effective ways to restrict unwanted access. It is generally attached to gates or strung between high-security fence posts that run along the perimeter or boundary of a site that needs protection. Barbed wire consists of strong steel wires with ends formed into sharp knots (barbs) that run at regular intervals along the wire. The barbs are designed to look threatening, snag clothing, and pierce the skin of anyone who tries to cross or climb over it, therefore offering a high level of security.

Barbed Wire Applications: The Ways Barbed Wire Is Used

Barbed wire can be used in many ways. Common applications include:

  1. To Offer Civilian and Livestock Containment: The sharp edges of barbed wire act as a deterrent and can cause serious injury if crossed. For this reason, barbed wire fences have been used to help to confine prisoners and prevent their escape. Barbed wire fences are also used to keep sheep and cattle in fields and confine or protect wild animals from escaping in a zoo or straying into other territories in large ranges and rural areas.
  2. To Provide Division: Barbed wire fences effectively segregate one property or area from another and mark off territory. It is often used in construction to mark the perimeters of plots and along boundaries between industrial premises to divide ownership and help avoid disputes.
  3. To Offer Protection: Barbed wire fences help to deter unwanted intruders, vandals, animals, and thieves. It is often found along the borders of building sites, factories, utility sites, substations, and laboratories to protect civilians from danger or the site itself from loss and damage.
  4. For Military And Defence: Military camps and facilities often use barbed wire for training, containment and to prevent trespassing or civilians straying into restricted, dangerous, or sensitive areas.

As A Deterrent: Barbed wire fences offer an affordable safeguard for industrial or commercial property and valuable assets. It proves an effective deterrent to thieves and ensures a higher level of security. 

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The Types of Barbed Wire We Produce

From simple beginnings, barbed wire has progressed a lot over time, and not all barbed wire is the same. Te-Fence manufactures and supplies various types of barbed wire, including:

  •       Reverse-Twist Barbed Wire: Our reverse-twist barbed wire is made by twisting or coiling it around itself at regular points, exposing the sharp ends. This wire is typically used between posts to form perimeter fences around agricultural and farmland, to offer forest and range protection, used along highways and railway lines to deter vandals and intruders and to provide industrial plants and forecourts intruder protection.
  •       Conventional-Twist Barbed Wire: We produce two types of traditional-twist barbed wire which are again made from galvanised steel and knotted in a choice of design at regular intervals leaving the ends (barbs) exposed. Conventional barbed wire is popular for many purposes, including land and boundary fencing, business security, and construction and industrial site protection.

Our Barbed Wire Features and Specifications

Te-Fence manufactures and supplies high-grade, corrosion-resistant, galvanised steel barbed wire and high-security fence systems. We manufacture the products at our state-of-the-art facility in Turkey and then ship them to your site for installation and use. See below the specifications of the barbed wire we produce:

  • Wire Material: High-grade galvanised steel barbed wire
  • Wire Thickness: The wire thickness is either 2.00mm/2.00mm or 2.00mm/2.50mm (barb diameter/main wire thickness).
  • Barb Spacing: The spacing of the barbs is between 9 cm and 10 cm and is compatible with most high-security fence systems.
  • Barb Thickness: Each barb is 2,00 mm
  • Installation: The barbed wire is fitted via Y- or L-shaped brackets that can hold between 2 and 6 lines of barbed wire.
  • Reel Size: The barbed wire is supplied in 200 m or 250 m reels.
  • Optional: We can also provide stainless steel barbed wire (inox 304)


Order Your Barbed Wire from Te-Fence Now!

Te-Fence is part of TMEC International Group, based in Istanbul, Turkey. Our company offers a complete global service and has supplied barbed wire France and barbed wire Germany, alongside many other locations. If you want to upgrade your security fence or provide a high level of protection from intruders on your site, please get in touch with us.

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