Fencing Manufacturers in Turkey

TE-FENCE has been one of Turkey’s most active fence manufacturers since 1997, offering a diverse range of products.  Our company has 25 years of experience and produces and exports a wide range of fencing systems worldwide. Economical and very robust, our products are developed exclusively for export and designed to meet your specific needs. Our fencing factory in Turkey offers you materials that match your requirements perfectly in terms of delivery time and quality.


What are the advantages of our fencing systems?

Our fences are non-removable and feature a high level of resistance to intrusion. They are also corrosion resistant and have a long service life. Choosing one of our fencing systems ensures that you will enjoy your investment for a long time to come. In addition to a 10-year warranty, we offer special packaging. Our solution ensures that your transport costs are optimised and that you save on your budget. To meet our customers’ expectations, we produce fencing systems tailor-made to meet their specifications.

Furthermore, TE-FENCE makes it a priority to manufacture fences for securing a variety of areas. Our high-security fences are designed for:
– Sensitive worksites;
– Boundaries;
– Mining and oil areas;
– Dwellings in sensitive areas;
– Prison areas;
– Administrative buildings, embassies and consulates.
Other areas where our fencing systems can be used include those requiring maximum protection against vandalism and intrusion.

Why call on TE-FENCE?

Our daily production capacity of 15,000 m² of flexible fences, 9,000 m² of rigid panel fences and 50,000 ml of galvanised barbed wire ensures we can meet your expectations. With a production area of 45,000 square metres, our fencing factory in Turkey is geared up to produce enough fencing systems for all your different projects. As one of the leading fencing manufacturers in Turkey, we place special emphasis on the quality of our products. What is more, our team operates with a high degree of professionalism and dedication to deliver all your orders in the shortest possible time. And finally, our company can provide you with fencing in large quantities, whether you are a private individual or a professional.

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