Steel Gabion Cage

Steel Gabion woven baskets have become popular in most homes because they are cost effective, easy-to-install, and practical. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, from commercial landscaping to coastal protection and supporting walls. Gabion baskets from a trusted gabion basket supplier like Te-fence are made of rust-proof and weather resistant galvanized steel. This means that they will provide you with a long lasting, solid wall.


What is a Gabion Cage?

Gabion Baskets are steel rectangular cages or baskets made of galvanized steel and filled with rocks or gravel. They are mainly used in civil engineering, road construction, landscaping, and in military applications. The gabion wire mesh is produced in a box-shaped design and in different sizes following the project.


Where Can You Use a Gabion Cages?

Gabion cages have been in usage for thousands of years, for instance, to protect the banks of River Nile and as military forts during the middle ages. The baskets are an attractive alternative to walls today, since they are efficient and cheap to construct. Most people use gabions to stabilize the soil behind walls, but they can also function as neat cover walls. To build a wall, you can stack one or more gabion basket rows, depending on the height of the wall.


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Here are some top areas where gabion baskets are used today.

Residential Areas

Nowadays, gabion baskets have become popular in residential areas, where they are used as walls, decorative structures, and wall support mechanisms. Some top decorative materials that people construct in residential areas include gardens, yards, and landscapes with reduced soil erosion. Residents looking to stand out with unparalleled wall structures often prefer gabion baskets from a trusted gabion basket supplier.

Gabion baskets offer a lot of advantages when used in residential areas. For instance, since gabion walls are highly permeable, you don’t need to build a drainage system. They are also flexible and can be moved based on your needs. Therefore, you don’t have to reconstruct your wall if you want to expand your yard.


Railways, Highways, and Airports

Gabion wall are suitable in areas with excess noise pollution from airplanes, trucks and trains. Their design can diffuse, absorb, and block noise pollution with the high-quality steel wire baskets and heavy, dense and irregular stones infill. Gabion baskets are also used to stabilize roads and railways, especially on slopes and in railway embarkments.


Areas Prone to Soil Erosion

Gabion wall are the best option for preventing soil erosion. They are used in areas prone to landslides as retaining walls, since they are highly robust, flexible and porous. Therefore, if soil erosion is slowly corroding your backyard, you can use gabion baskets to prevent it.


Why Should You Choose Te-Fence Gabion Baskets?

Te-Fence is a production and exporting gabion cage supplier that offers high-quality products at reasonable prices. Our primary focus is providing our customers with the best service to ensure their satisfaction. We’ve exported to Africa, the Middle East, South America, and are willing to take your order from across the globe. Choose the trusted gabion basket supplier today and ensure long-term protection and erosion control.

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