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Gates & Doors Manufacturer
  • TE-FENCE offers a wide range of gates and doors for your fencing projects.
    • Gate for flexible fence, made of light and heavy rigid panel, or made of metal sheet.
    • Swinging or sliding gate
    • Manual or automatic gate
    • Doors for pedestrians
    • Gates for garages
    • Automatic and manual boom barriers


A fencing system ensures the security of the perimeter you wish to protect. Gates and doors should not be overlooked. They form an integral part of the security structure and control entry and exit within the secure area.


Gates for fencing systems: an essential element of security

 A gate or door for a fencing system must have the same qualities as the rest of the enclosure. Above all, it must not be the weak point of the installation through which it would be possible to break in. Whichever fence gate you choose from our range, it will be consistent with the rest of your installation.

We offer gates with a flexible fencing infill, light and heavy panels, or sheet metal. Thus, much more than a simple entry device, the gate or door for your fencing system will be a real extension of the protection structure, which will not suffer any weaknesses.


Control who comes and goes within your perimeter

 A fence gate also allows you to check who is entering or leaving the area you wish to secure. Pedestrian and vehicle gates allow you to check the identity of your visitors. A fence gate is particularly effective if it is required to verify the identity of each person entering the area to be protected.

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