High Security Anti-Climb Fence

Manufacturers of anti-climb fencing adhere to rigorous standards. High security fencing systems are subject to specific requirements to ensure the protection of areas considered sensitive. Each panel is between 150 cm and 300 cm high. The design is made from 4- to 6-mm-thick steel wire. Rigid posts with burrs and Y or L shaped posts can be integrated into the system to facilitate the installation of barbed wire.

In general, a high security anti-climb fence is used to ensure the safety of administrative buildings, prison zones and buildings located in areas requiring a higher level of security etc.

Security Fence Panels

Why install a high security fence?

Manufacturers of anti-climb fences design systems that are high performance. The fence cannot be dismantled and which prevents intrusion attempts effectively.

The choice of materials is significant, as it is designed to ensure optimal longevity of the installation which also benefits from excellent resistance to corrosion. Moreover, a 10-year warranty is offered and testifying to the performance of the high security fence.

The packaging of the product is specifically adapted to optimise transport expenses.

In addition, the high security anti-climb fence can be completely custom-made to fit your specifications.

Which spaces can be secured with this type of fence?

There are numerous applications. In particular, installing a high security anti-climb fence at land borders is advisable to facilitate checks. The system can also be used to secure sensitive construction sites.

All sensitive areas (prison zones, petroleum, mining etc.) and construction (housing, consulate etc.) requiring an extremely high level of protection against vandalism and intrusion can be effectively secured with high security fencing.

High Security Panel Fences

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