High Security Fence Manufacturer in the UK

A high security anti-climb fence system is essential for many organisations as it helps to ensure the safety of those onsite and offers a first-line defence against the threat of theft, unwanted intruders, and vandalism. If you are searching for a high security fence manufacturer in the UK, please consider our Te-Fence services and learn more about our product range below.

High Security Fence Manufacturer in the UK

High Security Fence Service All Over the UK

Te-Fence is a leading high security fence manufacturer and global supplier of high security anti-climb fence system to industrial plants, substations, utility sites, data control centres, prisons, construction sites, and defence facilities. Our factory in Turkey manufactures large-scale fencing systems and ships them to your site for use. All our high security fences come in standard sizes or can be custom designed and made in line with your project’s needs, and they can all be transported to even the most remote or challenging locations in the UK or worldwide.

What Are the Features of High Security Fences?


The high security fences in the UK we supply provide a far greater level of protection than conventional fencing systems and can be optimised to suit your needs and environment. Some standard features of high security fences include:


  •       High Security Post and Panel System: The Te-Fence post and panel system is the go-to for most clients as it provides a high level of security for your site and is also cost-effective and easy to install. The panel sizes vary between 150 cm and 300 cm, with a tight wire width of between 5 and 6 mm and a densely woven mesh of 10mm. The posts (pulls) are designed and equipped with Y or L arms to pull barbed wire or razor wire to ensure maximum strength, anti-climb, and protection.


  •       Fences Can Be Reinforced: If you require additional strength and security, our standard high security fencing systems in the UK can be reinforced with trapezoidal sheeting. It is also possible to place double panels to maximise the barrier and offer ultimate protection against intruders or vandalism.


  •       Small Mesh Size Is Used for Maximum Protection: The standard mesh size for our security fence panels is 50×50 mm. This small size ensures there is no footing space and eliminates the chance of intruders climbing the structure easily. The small mesh also hinders sight and adds another layer of privacy. These mesh panels can also be reinforced or layered with trapezoidal sheeting to ensure nothing can get through the structure.


  •       Corrosion Resistant Wire: All the elements of our high security fences are precision-made using quality materials. The wires are specially designed and coated to resist corrosion, making them ideal for use in challenging dry or wet climates and ensuring long-term performance over time.


  •       Carefully Packed For Easy Transportation: The high security fences supplied by Te-Fence are all expertly flat-packed to keep costs down and transported to your site, where they can be assembled.


  •       Easy Installation: All Te-Fence products are designed for ease of installation. Erecting the fences is relatively easy, and our team is on hand to guide you through the process. Alternatively, we can organise an assembly team to attend if required.
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The Advantages of High Security Fences


You enjoy many advantages of protecting your facility with high security fencing. Some of the key advantages of high security fences include the following:


  • Fences Provide a High Level of Security. Most require high security fencing to provide a visible, first-line defence to deter and stop vandals, thieves, and intruders. In addition, the fencing also helps to protect the staff, products, and materials within your facility.


  • They Ensure Onsite Safety. High security fencing helps maintain the safety of your site, including the staff and visitors. Fencing also acts as a barrier to prevent wildlife and animals from accessing your facility.


  • Fences Can Be Used to Control Access. Fencing can control access to sensitive areas that require additional defence, for example, areas where dangerous machinery or high voltages are used, construction sites where the ground may be unstable, or boundaries where limited access is necessary (e.g., at military zones and prisons). Fences can also be guarded and used to offer a higher level of privacy for your operations.


  • They Offer Long-Term, Affordable Protection. Te-Fence’s high security fencing is built to last and comes in several grades and strengths. They can be optimised to be rust and corrosive-resistant and can be made to withstand severe weather conditions, keeping maintenance and repair costs to a minimum.


  • Our Fences Come in Various Colours and Designs. Although the primary reason most require high security fences is for security, the look of the fence also matters. For that reason, we provide fences in various designs, colours, and finishes.

Te-Fence: We Can Offer High Security Fence Supply and Installation

Te-Fence is a specialist production brand of the large TEMEC International Group, based in Istanbul, Turkey. Since we were established in 1997, we have become a leading global supplier of high security fencing systems. We have supplied our products to protect sites and facilities in more than 95 countries. Please get in touch with us if you are looking for a high security fence manufacturer in the UK and would like more information on our products and services

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