Manufacturer of anti-climbing fences: very High-Security fences for your sensitive sites

TE-FENCE is the number one manufacturer of anti-climbing fences and high-security fencing; in fact, we are the world leader in this field and the top exporter to over 95 countries. Established in 1997, we have been designing, producing and exporting high-quality temporary, mobile and durable flexible or rigid fences in our factories in Turkey, as well as supplying and installing them.

Our high security and anti-climbing fencing systems are specially designed to protect your sensitive sites, including high-value or sensitive construction sites, prison areas, mining or oil sites, public administrations, embassies and consulates, residences in sensitive areas, etc. Our anti-intrusion panels provide the most effective form of security and meet all the safety and security standards in force in European countries.

We deliver a comprehensive, tamper-proof post and panel installation system that includes all construction accessories. It offers durability and low maintenance costs.

Security Fence Panels

High-quality rigid panel fences

To be more precise, as the world’s leading manufacturer of anti-climbing fences, the rigid panels we offer are made as standard from highly dip-galvanised steel at 250 grams/m², or optionally very highly galvanised at 540 grams/m² for optimum weathering and corrosion resistance. Our panels are covered in PVC, or electrostatic powder polyester paint over hot-dipped galvanised wire in standard RAL 6005 green or in optional custom colours to suit your preferences.

The height of our rigid panels varies between 150 cm and 300 cm, the minimum thickness of the wires is 5 to 6 mm, and the two-ply mesh is 10 x 50 mm, 12.7 x 76.2 mm, or custom-made.

Depending on the project, intermediate posts can be inserted with L- or Y-arms 30 cm or 50 cm long, providing for installation and integration of classic barbed wire or concertina wire with anti-intrusion blades. Even double panels can be installed for rock-solid security.

We apply a special packaging protocol to our materials to optimise transport costs and meet each project’s budget.

Finally, we can work on all types of ground: we can install our panel system and posts with hooks such as installation wedges, special clips or high-security clamps depending on the site on acrylic surfaces, artificial grass, polyurethane resin, EPDM membrane, etc.

Whatever the size of your security fence project, we adapt to your specifications and specific needs. We offer tailor-made, personalised and always high-quality design, production and implementation of your requirements, providing effective and durable protection against intrusion and vandalism.

TE-Fence is a world leader in manufacturing anti-climbing and high-security fences, so please don’t hesitate to visit our website and contact our professionals for an expert opinion or a personalised quote. Contact us by phone, email or WhatsApp or use our contact form; we will offer you the best solution for your security needs with anti-climbing and high-security fences.

High Security Panel Fences

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