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Whatever the context, security is always a priority. A well-secured perimeter can keep out all potential intruders.

These may be individuals, animals or pests with potentially damaging results to your property or assets. According to razor wire fence suppliers, it is one of the most reliable options for securing a perimeter. In this article, you will discover how this protective measure can ensure the security of your spaces. And also how to find a reliable supplier of razor wire fencing.


The essentials of razor wire fence 

Concertina razor wire is a modern variant of the classic barbed wire commonly used to corral livestock.

However, it offers greater strength, and above all, better protection and isolation. This security fencing wire is recognisable by the sharp blades on both sides of the wire. Concertina razor wire comes in large flat coils for easy storage, transportation and installation.

These coils can be easily extended, concertina-style. This characteristic gave it its name (the concertina is a musical instrument of the same family as the accordion).


Use of razor wire fence

Razor wire is suitable for fencing applications where a higher level of security is required.

It can be installed on the ground or on a wall to provide an effective barrier.

The deterrent power of razor wire is significant, due to its sharp blades which can cause serious injury. These blades are designed to follow the curves of the body when an intruder attempts to break through the formidable barrier. They can then cut clothing and flesh deeply.

It is therefore not surprising that many sites turn to a razor wire fence supplier for perimeter defence.

Examples include: military and government installations, borders, prisons and detention camps, naval ports and airports, agricultural land, nuclear power plants, forest protection areas, ministries, guard posts, places requiring riot control, etc.

Advantages of our razor wire fencing

It’s effective! Razor wire offers many advantages, whether used for military purposes or to secure commercial and residential properties.

In addition to better 24-hour security, here are some of the concrete benefits of razor wire fencing

  • Excellent value for money: a cost-effective and efficient solution for securing a perimeter against unauthorised entry and exit.
  • Aesthetic and versatile: its smooth, shiny surface offers an attractive design that blends well with the beauty of the landscape. This aspect allows the wire to be versatile and to be used in military, commercial and even residential areas.
  • High durability: a protective zinc coating makes it corrosion-resistant and abrasion-proof for long life. It can therefore withstand harsh weather conditions, which is also the reason why these wires require minimal maintenance.
  • Deterrent: the sight of the sharp, hook-shaped blades acts as a psychological deterrent to intruders, thus protecting the area.
  • Strong: this wire is designed to have a high tensile strength, which makes it extremely difficult to cut with standard tools. In addition, after being crushed, it can quickly return to its original coil shape.
  • Customisable solutions: depending on your specific needs and intended use, several variants of razor wire are available. Thus, depending on your supplier of razor wire fencing, you can choose the material, length, blade shape and thickness you want.
  • Easy to install: once you know the correct methods, the installation of razor wire fence is not only easy but very quick. As a result, construction costs can be reduced.

Choosing your razor wire fence supplier 

Types of razor wire fencing

Not all razor wire is created equal.

In fact, you can choose the shape and materials used. But you can also choose the wire according to its manufacturing process.

For example, you can choose between spiral concertina, flat concertina and wire concertina. Note that different blade widths and diameters are available. The materials used are usually hot-dipped galvanised steel or 316L stainless steel. Regarding the manufacturing process, you will have to decide between a standard galvanisation level (200 gr/m2) and a very high galvanisation (minimum 350 gr/m2)

Ask your razor wire fence supplier for advice if you do not know what you need.


Finding a good razor wire fence supplier  

To source a high-quality product, you need to find a good supplier.

A razor wire fence supplier will offer you customised solutions at low prices, with secure payment and fast delivery.

The wire is usually supplied in safe packages to minimise the risk of injury.

Concertina razor wire guarantees you a safe perimeter, easy installation, and resistance to ageing. This is the right option if you have a high security requirement and want to control who enters and leaves your perimeter. It is versatile and, above all, effective. Indeed, for animals as well as for people, it is extremely difficult to penetrate.

If it is of good quality, it is also durable. It is therefore important to choose your razor wire fence supplier with care.

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