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We are manufacturers of panel fences in Turkey, and we offer different types of rigid panel fences: standard panel fences, aesthetic panel fences and welded mesh fences. These three ranges of panel fencing products ensure we can satisfy each request and meet your needs.


Our standard panel fences are the most popular because they offer a good quality/price ratio and are suitable for both private customers and businesses. These fences can be up to 3 metres high with wires between 4 mm and 6 mm, ensuring the premises’ safety, regardless of the activity undertaken. What’s more, the different coating options, colours and number of plies let you customise your fences to suit the desired strength and aesthetics. The other major advantage of these standard panel fences, apart from their price, is the ease of assembly, installation and fixing. The product is well-designed and offers two fixing options, posts with a plate or posts that can be embedded, as fixing clips are provided between the barriers. This is our flagship product as a panel fencing manufacturer in Turkey.
Our aesthetically pleasing panel fences are aimed more at homeowners or utilities. Stronger than flexible fencing, they are weather resistant and are ideal around a home, school or sports field to prevent trespassing. They offer a wider choice in mesh and colour, with the same opportunity for choosing the height up to 3 metres and the thickness of the wire between 4.5 mm and 6 mm. Intermediate posts can be added with additional design options: the shape of the tubes, round or square, the addition of an arm, and the addition of barbed or concertina wire. The mounting kit for this type of panel is also included.

Our welded mesh fences are double wire rigid panel fences, with one horizontal and one vertical strand of mesh. The wire thicknesses can vary between 5 mm and 8 mm, so these are much thicker than the previous models. These products feature heavier panels, are more solid, and therefore offer a better level of security long-term. These panels are mainly intended for industrial companies that want to guarantee a high level of security due to the risks present on their site or to protect their technologies and products, as well as for prison sites to prevent intrusions and escapes. They are also used to protect access to road, rail or airport areas. These panels are made of hot-dipped galvanised steel and are 2.43 metres high. They can be reinforced with barbed and concertina wire. As a panel fencing manufacturer in Turkey, we are highly committed to the quality and efficiency of our products. Regardless of the kind of risk your site faces, these panel fences will meet your expectations.

The different products we offer ensure we can provide a solution for each customer depending on the project and the level of security required. And the wide variety of models, designs and options ensures that our high-quality, aesthetically pleasing panel fences blend in perfectly with the environment in which your land or building is located. We are panel fence manufacturer in Turkey, and these products account for 68% of our exports to more than 120 countries on five continents. Indeed, we have been specialising in the production of fencing systems since 1997, with a dedicated production area of 45,000 m2 in Turkey. Our company employs over 140 people focused on offering you cost-effective panel fencing that meets your requirements for quality and delivery time.

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