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A portable fence is a temporary structure that may be transported and used for one-time activities. They aid in defining the limits by controlling crowds and keeping the public away from confined areas. It also helps to mark out any restricted locations so that you may post signage.

They are self-supporting, free-standing fence panels with different dimensions to suit your needs. Couplers will link the consoles together, thus making them portable and versatile for several applications. Although they are temporary and movable, they are sturdy and robust. Depending on the intended use, the fence panels are sustained by counter-weighted feet and feature various attachments such as gates, feet, handrails, and bracing. These fence panels consist of welded mesh or chain links. It is essentially an alternative to a permanent barricade. It provides a barrier for temporary storage, crowd control, public safety or security, or theft prevention, and it can easily be set up and disassembled. Portable fences are best for residential, commercial, or industrial operations. Consider this mobile fence for any situation where you may need resilient, cost-effective, and safe structure.

Keep reading to find out if a portable fence is perfect for your project.

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Characteristics of a Portable Fence

Portable fence panels have numerous advantages. If you are wondering why you should buy one, consider the following.

  • Versatility:

It is adaptable, durable, and resilient, even in harsh conditions, and can be transported and packed conveniently. The portable fence manufacturers make it modular, easy to customize, and available in different heights and widths.

  • Safe:

Some projects need the provision of a fence, but permanent partitioning is not always realistic. A portable barrier will keep you and your team secure and safe while enabling fast transitions between various projects.

  • Cost-effective:

Portable fences are inexpensive. Since numerous projects require a barricade for only a certain amount of time, investing in a permanent partition may not be necessary.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble:

Portable vinyl fences are easy to install for big events. They are lightweight, user-friendly, and flexible enough to be transported effortlessly.

Vinyl fences made from heavy-duty commercial-grade vinyl are more durable and adaptable than wood. It is similar to building a permanent barricade, although you can remove it when you need more space.

  • It requires less maintenance.

The best thing about buying a portable fence panels is that it requires less maintenance. After purchasing it from the portable fence suppliers, you pull it out of storage, and all you need to do is to place it where there is need. It is long-lasting and resistant to rot and wood-loving insects like termites.

  • It helps in restricted areas.

If you are in the middle of a building job or want to keep prying eyes away while you finish your renovations, you should install temporary fences with signage reminding people to move away. The panels will indicate a building project or warn people of the restraints ahead.

It is vital to contact portable fence panels companies with outstanding experience in supplying and installing these types of structures.

Types of Portable Fence

A portable fence is an easy way to ensure the safety and management of an area. It is useful when you are yet to erect permanent fencing for your project. The ease of setting up and versatility make it a great alternative to serve different purposes for property owners. They are as effective as the permanent types if properly installed. Make sure you are familiar with the types of portable fencing before installing one.

Here is a rundown of some of the most prevalent ones.

  1. Nylon Mono-filament Fencing

This type of portable fence will help to seal off vulnerable places on building sites and is made of durable nylon wire. It is lighter than its steel-wire counterpart of the same diameter, movable, and easy to install. The nylon wire is strong enough to withstand rusting, corrosion, stretching, or sagging and is commonly used for wild animal management, such as deer and coyotes. Nylon mono-filament fencing offers UV rays, heat, and weather resistance.

  1. Chain-link portable fence

This style of portable fence features sturdy galvanized metal. It is a long-lasting system that provides an efficient and sheer barricade. Each panel has a sturdy base that allows it to stand upright. You don’t have to drive a post into the ground, so it is simple, quick, and easy to install.

Permanent or temporary chain-link fences are also available. These panels are available in 4, 6, and 8-foot tall sheets to provide a difficult-to-pass-through barrier. You can also increase its functionality by adding privacy screens, gates, and sandbags while setting it up.

Fencing panels are commonly used in construction projects to protect sites from intruders and to serve as warning signals for motorists and pedestrians.

  1. Barricade fencing

The barricade fence is the most common type of portable fence. It serves different functions, is easy to maneuver into position, and is known for its mobility. You can arrange a barricade fence in various ways to meet boundary requirements.

Barricades are suitable for traffic or crowd control and places that require a flexible barrier. They are perfect for one-day events, such as concerts, rallies, and protests, to keep the audience at bay or when seating arrangements may get distorted over time.

They are available in two options: high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and steel barricade.

Portable fence manufacturers produced the HDPE barricade at a premium-grade level. It is a durable plastic barricade with a locking mechanism for more stability, is lighter than steel, and is easier to set up.

In comparison, the heavier and more robust steel barricade provides superior security. When you must secure valuable construction equipment and supplies, the cement roadblocks will prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering the site, thereby preventing theft.

You can combine them to create a more effective bond in securing the assigned space and remove them when not in use.

  1. Orange fencing

Certain places require customized barriers due to their functions. At construction sites, the areas include heavy machinery, generator houses, and sheds with dangerous tools. The temporary orange fence comprises tough mesh that directs intruders to keep away from the location and alerts employees of the location of their equipment.

Portable fence suppliers may deploy them as repellents in the same way as chain-link and barricades but designed to protect equipment.


Applications for Portable Fence

There are four main applications for a portable fence.

  1. For Commercial Construction

Fencing is required at construction and demolition sites to keep them safe and secure. Portable fence companies offer excellent solutions to most projects with cost and energy benefits. When implemented on building sites, it is known as “construction hoarding.”

  1. 2. For Crowd Control and Public Events

A portable fence is a low-cost approach to managing crowds effectively, as crowd management is more crucial than ever. It may function as a venue division at important events and provide public limitations on industrial building sites where a guardrail is necessary. Your visitors will appreciate it if you have mechanisms to maintain the traffic flow.

With a portable fence, you can create unique and cost-effective outdoor spaces while eateries are redefining their business practices.

  1. For Animals and Pets

It can be beneficial for more than just humans. It offers theft prevention, animal control, vandalism, liability management, privacy, security, and access control, whether you are organizing a outdoor festivity, sports events, concerts, or temporary construction where restrictions are the focus.

  1. For Security systems

The portable fence is protective and strengthens the security systems in railways, airports, highways, stadiums, and other public places.

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