Concertina Razor Wire

Delivery of Concertina Razor Wire all over the World

Made of high quality galvanized steel or stainless steel, our concertina barbed wire is moisture and weather resistant.

We ship concertinas razor wire (razor blade)  by sea and air all over the world. Concertina wire is used for high-security applications such as sensitive construction sites and industrial areas, prisons, military zones, fuel depots, and all sites requiring enhanced protection against intrusion.


Three of concertina razor wire: spiral, flat and wire

The most popular type, the spiral concertina razor wire type BTO12 (blade width 12mm) and BTO22 (blade width 22mm) is offered in three diameters 45 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm. It is designed with a 2.50mm thick main wire and 0.50mm thick blades. The standard spacing between razor blades is 2.50cm. The spiral concertina razor wire is delivered in rolls of 7 meters for the 45 cm diameter, in rolls of 10 meters for the 60 cm diameter and in rolls of 12 meters for the widest concertina with a diameter of 90 cm.

The flat concertina is available in two diameters: 45cm and 60cm and two sizes of cutting blades BTO12 AND BTO22. The installation of this type of concertina is quick and easy. The installation is carried out directly over existing panel fences or flexible fencing to enhance the security of the existing system.


Finally, we offer razor wire in single rolls that you can use to reinforce your fencing system against intrusion. Razor wire can be placed directly on flexible or panel fences and also on existing posts or walls.

In order to protect the wires against corrosion, we offer two levels of galvanization for concertina razor wire: a standard galvanization (200 gr/m2) and a very high galvanization (minimum 350 gr/m2). For applications in areas with high humidity, we offer concertina barbed wire made of AISI304 stainless steel.


Below is information on the maximum number of rolls of spiral or flat type concertina wire that can be shipped in a 20-foot sea container.

CONCERTINA Ø 450MM – 1400 rolls of 7 meters in a 20 feet container

CONCERTINA Ø 600MM – 1000 rolls of 10 meters in a 20 feet container

CONCERTINA Ø 900MM – 700 rolls of 12 meters in a 20 feet container.

TE-FENCE, a leading manufacturer of fencing systems and concertina razor wire, offers a wide range of fencing products and accessories. We ship our production from our factories in Turkey in special packaging for delivery by truck, sea container or air.  Do not hesitate to contact us via our online form, one of our sales representatives will contact you shortly.

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