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Keeping the security of any establishment strong is a must nowadays. Although different methods can be followed, one of the easiest ways to do so is by utilizing security fencers. Fences can come in different sizes and qualities and have different uses. As one of the best in the Turkey fence manufacturer lane, we offer good quality products for large-scale projects. Made to last, and withstand the terrain and the weather with maximum functionality, TE-FENCE manufactures security fence panels Turkey sells globally.

The High Quality of TE-FENCE Security Panels

Our products vary in uses and adjustability according to your needs. The standard height of the fence panels can be between 100 cm and 400 cm per panel. You can create different dimensions and combinations to fit your needs. Available wire diameters are varied between 4 mm and 6 mm for different purposes. You can opt for thicker wires to further ensure the sturdiness of panels. The panels can be created with two different galvanizing methods:

  • Standard galvanization of 120 gr/m2
  • High galvanization of more than 250 gr/m2.

Both types are sturdy enough to stand for a long time. For each galvanization style, the connecting pieces are made of high galvanized steel or stainless steel to provide sturdiness and add extra strength to the meeting points. The intermediate posts between the panels can be chosen from Y or L-shaped posts.

  • The L-shaped posts can be used with barbed wire. The barbed wire is constructed to have pointy edges to snag.
  • The Y-shaped posts can be used with razor wire. The razor wire has much sharper pints which are made to rip and snag harder material.

Both options provide safety and serve as anti-climbing precautions; combined with the fence panels Turkey exports, the razor wire provides a more disincentive effect. The sharper ends of metal spikes can do more harm than the wires and can slow down intruders.

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The standard mesh size for security fence panels is 50×50 mm. The small set creates extra security as our fences are anti-climbing. To add another layer of protection and to ensure the privacy of your site you can reinforce the fence panes with trapezoidal sheeting. Moreover, by combining the sheeting and the mesh structure you can ensure nothing comes in or goes out from the mesh.

  • Using double fencing is also a great option to enhance the security of your site. The double space increases the chances of vandalism or intrusion with or without the addition of sheeting in between. The second fence panel can provide extra security in areas where heavy vandalism is seen.

In TE-FENCE, as a leading Turkey fence manufacturer and an intercontinental exporter, we take pride in offering high-quality products and services. When working with us, your needs are met and the protection of your site is ensured every step of the way. We offer different services for different needs that might lead to the need for security fence panels Turkey designs, manufactures, and exports around the globe.

Security Fence Panels

Where Can TE-FENCE Security Fence Panels Be Used?

The security of any important site is a task that involves many aspects. Whether it be a private property where you live or an industrial zone, or high fences. As security fence Turkey distributors we manufacture different types of fences for different needs such as:

  • Protection of residential and corporate sites in the city and the rural side;
  • Agricultural zones that need protection and separation;
  • Mining and oil zones where bypassers and intruders may cause incidents;
  • Any private estate that contains high-value properties;
  • Construction sites where bypassers might be harmed and the possibility of theft is high.

In the era of high technology, consider adding our trusted fences to your protection system. You can be sure that with TE-FENCE you will be safe. Fence panels Turkey manufactures high-quality products for commercial needs.

What Types of Fence Panels Can Be Used

For different needs all around the world, TE-FENCE manufactures different types of fence panels Turkey and exports them globally. Although there are different types of panels for different types of needs, one of the most reliable ones for many uses is galvanized and painted steel. The quality of our product is made to stand a long use time under different conditions like heavy rain, harsh sunlight, and salty humid weather, including extreme rain and wind. The structures are enforced to resist the strong winds and are covered with a protective layer against rust and sunlight. The default color for the protective layer is green but it can be adjusted to color for your needs.

The panels come pre-painted and in cost-effective packaging. The product line focuses on the protective security fence Turkey has created with different weather conditions and the needs people have had over the years.

  • The combination of high and Y-posted fences with trapezoidal shielding will keep your site safe from bypassers and keep your secrecy. If you add barbed or razor wires fence jumping won’t be one of your worries.
  • The small mesh design will work well for all occasions, especially where a single intruder might pass by from your protective system. It’s one of the best options to optimize your security system.
  • L-posted fences and small panels can help create a protected area in your estate to protect certain rooms or generators that are sensitive and crucial for your commerce.
  • The high galvanized fences can handle harsher conditions and can be used for sturdier instelatşons in rural areas. You can close off a property in the mountains or close off a part of a forest to keep yourself safe from the forest habitat.

TE-FENCE Manufacturing and Exporting

TE-FENCE has been actively manufacturing security fence panels Turkey based and now globally with 128 assembly line workers and 19 other workers off the assembly line. Turkey based production line has been active since 1997. It has now spread into 45.000m2 of production space with a daily production capacity totaling up to 74.000 m2. This includes:

  • 000m2 of flexible fence
  • 000 m of galvanized barbed wire and
  • 000 m2 of rigid panel fence.

A variety of our different product lines are exported to 5 continents, and more than 95 countries. The main markets we sell to are the Middle East and Europe, followed by South America. In the top global exporters, the most exported product we manufacture is the panel fence systems followed by chain link fence systems, and lastly fence accessories.

High-security fencing panels can be a great investment for your company and its protection. With adjustable properties to fit your needs, invest in your prosperity and protection. We provide solutions to your fencing and protection needs of any size. Choose the color and the style and leave the rest to our experienced hands.

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