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Security fencing is one of the most significant measures of property protection. It is used in commercial or industrial settings to protect property assets, storage facilities, open spaces, and other areas. It has several features, including razor or barbed wire, and the perimeters have sensors specifically designed to detect motion. Other types may include a surveillance system that will capture intruders in its line of vision through the installed motion sensor detection systems.

Security fencing is both a psychological deterrent and a structural impediment. It warns attackers that invading your property might bring trouble and is a physical deterrent if they decide to break in. The design is to deter, delay, and prevent unauthorized access to a specific location. It helps form secure perimeters, which serve as the first line of defense in protecting assets and facilities from invaders.

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We are industry experts and one of the best security fencing companies, offering high-quality supplies. You may secure sensitive locations with our high-security panel fence, designed to meet all your requirements. It is the most effective security mechanism that meets current European security standards. You can use it in embassies, prisons, construction sites, administrative buildings, and residences.

The high-security panel fence has several characteristics that offer numerous benefits. This security fencing is anti-climb, with a mesh size of 12.7 x 76.2 mm, or 50 x 50 mm. They are highly galvanized to withstand corrosion from the weather and arrive pre-colored. To defend against vandalism, you may also add toppings or barbed wire and double the panels.

We can satisfy your needs regardless of the size of the location you need to protect. This panel high-security fence is manufactured to order and shipped internationally from our Turkish factory.

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Manufacturing security fencing adheres to strict regulations, and high-security fencing systems must meet particular specifications to ensure the security of critical locations. Each panel is between 150 and 300 cm in height. The design is a steel wire with a 4-mm to 6-mm thickness. Robust supports with burrs and Y or L-shaped posts are added to the fencing system to speed up the fitting of the barbed wire.

Generally, a high-security anti-climb fence ensures the security of prison territories, administrative buildings, and structures in high-security locations.

Manufacturers create high-performance equipment that cannot be destroyed but effectively deters entry attempts. The materials used contribute to the installation’s lifespan, which also benefits from high corrosion resistance.

The packaging helps to reduce transportation costs, and the product has a 10-year warranty. However, it can be personalized to meet your requirements.

The high-security anti-climb fence has several applications.

  • For added security, they are installed at land borders to assist border checks.
  • The technique is used for securing sensitive building sites.
  • A high-security fence can safeguard all sensitive locations (mining, prison zones, or petroleum) and construction (residence, embassy) that require an exceptionally high level of protection against infiltration and vandalism.

Outstanding Supply Quality

TE-FENCE is one of the most outstanding global security fence suppliers, with over 15,000 meters of high-security panel fencing exported to Latin America. The wires in the high-security panel fences range from 4mm to 6mm.

We design unique fence systems based on the project and the needs of our customers. Our systems range in height from 100cm to 400cm, and the high-security panel fences have a mesh size of 50mm x 50mm. Our high-security fence systems are anti-climbing, a vital asset against penetration attempts in your protected areas due to their tight mesh.

The following are some of the benefits of a high-security fence:

  • High-security panel and post system
  • Non-destructible fencing with high resistance against entry
  • Longer shelf life
  • A complete system with all mounting components
  • Low maintenance expenses
  • Special packaging reduces transportation expenses
  • Customized production is available based on our client’s needs.

The high-security panel fences consist of painted galvanized steel. We offer two galvanization options: the normal galvanization of 120gr/m2 and the high galvanization of 250gr/m2. All intermediary posts and installation attachments, such as connector clips, are made of stainless steel and highly galvanized steel.

In addition, we also provide two types of paint: PVC coating and electrostatic paint, and the client can pick a color from our color palettes.

The intermediate supports of the panel fencing system might be L or Y-shaped to increase the deterrent impact. In this situation, the posts outfit the wire fences on the L or Y sections or razor wire on the Y portion. Our high-security panel fencing systems are reinforced with trapezoidal sheets to fortify the structure and secure the location from the outside.

A double panel and fencing system create a high-security network by providing protection against intruders and vandals, with or without an intermediary area.

You may utilize our security fencing systems in the following areas:

  • Residential homes
  • Highly-sensitive regions, such as mines and oil fields
  • Industrial areas
  • Agricultural zones
  • Building sites.

We are one of the best suppliers for security fencing, and our team is here to provide you with the high-security fencing system most suited to your demands and budget. We will provide solutions that are appropriate for climatic conditions and safety standards.

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Security fencing in Turkey

TE-FENCE is a manufacturing and export trademark of the TMEC International Group, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. We have been one of Turkey’s most active security fencing manufacturers since 1997, offering a wide range of products and services globally.

You can choose from our selection of security fences to meet your perimeter requirements. Our rigid panel fence collection comprises anti-vandalism connections and single-post panels and is perfect for various uses, including regular boundary perimeters and the protection of high-security installations.

The security fencing Turkey factory has a 45,000 m2 production space, allowing us to develop enough fencing systems for your projects. Our daily production capacity is 15,000 m2 of the flexible fence, 9,000 m2 of firm panel fence, and 50,000 ml of galvanized barbed wire. We place a premium on the quality of our materials. Our team works tirelessly to execute your orders as fast as possible, and we can supply security fencing materials in large quantities to individuals or businesses. You can contact us by phone, email, or our online form, then one of our sales experts will assist you in obtaining the best option for your anti-climbing fence or high-security fencing project.

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