Security Fencing Types

The security fencing types suitable for you depend on the function you want them to serve. Is anything exceptionally impenetrable required for the near future, or would something less significant and more transient suffice?

We will look at various fencing types we offer to help you understand your expectations from these standard security solutions.

Security Fencing Types

Security fencing types


  1. High-Security Anti-Climb Fence

Anti-climb fence manufacturers usually follow strict guidelines in producing security fencing types. These specific criteria apply to high-security fence systems to ensure the protection of sensitive locations. Each panel has a height of about 150 cm to 300 cm and a steel wire design of 4 mm to 6 mm in thickness. Rigid supports with burrs and Y or L-shaped posts are added to the system to assist in the installation of barbed wire.

You can use this high-security anti-climb fencing for administrative buildings, correctional centers, and structures in high-security locations.

TE-FENCE manufactures high-performance anti-climb fence systems that are not penetrable and can effectively prevent invasion attempts. The materials used are vital since they guarantee the installation’s lifespan, which also benefits from high corrosion resistance.

Furthermore, we provide a warranty attesting to the high-security fence’s functionality. The product’s packaging reduces transportation costs, and we customize the anti-climb fencing to meet your requirements.

  • Chain link fencing

Tubular fencing types wrapped in chain-link fencing are versatile and may be used to define borders or provide security around sports fields and courts. They can be powder coated or galvanized to fit in better. We can place a razor or barbed wire on the chain link fence if you need additional security. We provide professionally built fence designs with extension arm options that offer varying degrees of protection.

Which areas may be protected by these security fencing types?

The high-security anti-climb types have several applications. Installing it at land borders, in particular, is recommended to facilitate monitoring. This technique can also secure sensitive building sites.

It may effectively guard all sensitive locations (mining, correctional centers, or petroleum) and construction areas (residential or consulate) that require an incredibly high level of protection against invasion and theft.

  1. High-Security Panel Fence

TE-FENCE designs and installs unique security fencing types based on the project and needs of our customers. Our systems range in height from 100cm to 400cm with a mesh size of 50 mm x 50 mm, and the wires in the high-security panel fences range from 4mm to 6mm.

These high-security fence systems are anti-climbing due to their tight mesh and are a valuable weapon in the battle against incursion attempts in your secured locations. You may also utilize these types to protect the following areas:

  • Residential areas
  • Mining and oil sites
  • Industrial areas
  • Agricultural zones
  • Construction sites.

Galvanized and coated steel are vital materials in producing high-security panel fences. We provide two galvanization options: regular galvanization (120gr/m2) and high galvanization (more than 250gr/m2). All intermediate supports and installation components, such as connecting clamps, are composed of stainless or highly galvanized steel. In addition, we offer two types of paint: electrostatic paint and PVC coating, and the buyer can choose one of our color palettes.

The intermediate supports of these security fencing types can be L or Y-shaped to increase the deterrent effect. In this situation, the supports are outfitted with barbed wire on the L or Y sections or with razor wire on the Y portion. Our high-security panel fence systems are fortified with trapezoidal sheeting to reinforce the systems and secure the location from outside view.

The double panel and fence system create a high-security system to enhance the site’s security. This double-panel arrangement, with or without an intermediary area, enhances the protection of a particular location against intruders and vandals.

Our crew is available to provide the high-security fence system most suited to your demands and budget. We will also offer solutions for climatic conditions and safety standards.


  • Fencing with mesh panels

The mesh panel fence is popular due to its appealing look. These security fencing types offer medium security with a perimeter fence that allows visitors to view the inside and outside without sacrificing security.


  1. Palisade Fence

These are popular among individuals who want a high deterrent to thieves and vandals. A palisade fence consists of hot and cold rolled steel sections with a “D” or a “W” profile, with the “W” profile giving the most security.

It is flexible and attractive, thanks to its open slots, heights, finishes, and colors. A palisade fence is tough to climb, but you can make it even more impenetrable by adding pointed pales to the top of each vertical steel.

Security fencing contractors

TE-FENCE is one of Turkey’s premier security fencing contractors and installers of fencing, barriers, gates, and related items. We have a team of experts available to help with perimeter security fences, security gates, and security barriers.

We are renowned security fencing contractors and manufacturers with a track record of erecting high-profile security fencing for local and foreign clients. We are the preferred contractor in the Turkey region for schools, health facilities, and residential areas.

TE-FENCE offers perimeter security solutions that aid in the detection and delaying of incursion attempts. Intruders are detected and tracked by fence-mounted sensors before they enter a property. To satisfy the needs of sites of various sizes, we may also provide a variety of fence sensors, security lights, and other security systems depending on the client’s requirements.


Commercial security fencing

For over 25 years, TE-FENCE has been a global leader in commercial security fencing. A secure perimeter that protects people and property, such as an industrial facility, a warehouse, or a government entity, must have high deterrent levels and minimal scalability.

You can choose one of our perimeter fencing types to meet your needs. Our collection of commercial security fencing comprises the single-post panel and anti-vandalism connections appropriate for a broad range of applications, including regular boundary perimeters and the protection of high-security installations.

The rigid panel fence looks wonderful around public buildings, schools, commercial properties, industrial buildings, industrial estates, and administrative areas. This fence system is durable, with steel security clips and bolts connecting each panel to its galvanized steel post. Our modern-style panel fence is also perfect for enclosing and decorating individual residences and group housing.

The robust panel fence consists of rust-resistant galvanized steel wire. We create configurable welded mesh materials for different applications, ranging from schools and sports centers to commercial buildings and high-security sites.

A rigid panel fence provides a clean line of sight and does not interfere with video surveillance. We provide customized security solutions with posts that accommodate security equipment, cameras, lights, flat profile designs for sports stadiums, reinforced V-shaped mesh types for added resistance, and smaller mesh panels for high-security applications.

The design of commercial security fencing is appropriate for applications that need a clear line of sight, quick installation, and minimal cost.

  1. Security Panels with Welded Wire

Security panels of this sort have been around for years. The welded wire folding top panels are durable, long-lasting, slimline, adaptable, and low-cost solutions. It is ideal for extensive lines of fence that require a little visible barrier. Tek screws and mesh clips are available for all panels. Panels can be supplied with matching posts and gates to fit their purpose.

  1. Aluminum Security Panels

It comprises high-quality aluminum welded for durability to stand the test of time while offering solutions to suit any architectural taste. It is a high-level security panel that comes in flat or spear-top configurations. It has a smooth surface and a clean and minimalist style, with the panels providing matching supports and gates.

  1. Steel Security Panels

This robust and long-lasting tubular steel is another security solution for commercial and industrial structures.

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