Standart Panel Fencing

The standard panel fencing is the most used and economical solution. This system is used to protect both residential and industrial spaces. This standard, economical configuration for simple projects has a wire thickness of 4 mm and a 150 x 50 mm mesh. We also offer thicknesses of 4.50 mm, 5.00 mm or 6.00 mm.

We produce seven types of standard heights from 75 cm to 300 cm. An L-arm or Y-arm will be integrated into the intermediate post to increase the security of the system.

All elements of our standard panel fencing system are galvanised and feature two paint options: PVC or electrostatic. We also offer a very high galvanisation option with a special paint for marine fencing projects.

The system is easy to install on a baseplate or by embedding. The steel clips make it easy to attach your standard panels to the intermediate posts.

The special packaging, we use for our fencing system means that you can minimize your transport costs. In fact, we load up to 1,600 linear meters of standard 200 cm high fencing into a 40-foot sea container.

Do not hesitate to contact us: we can cater for all your standard panel fence requirements for your residential or industrial area protection projects. Our team will help you choose the fastest and most economical installation.

All of our panel fences are shipped worldwide from our factories located in Turkey.

Wire Thichness 4,00 mm 4,50 mm 5,00 mm 6,00 mm
Mesh Size 50 x 150 mm
Height 75 cm 100 cm 120 cm 150 cm 200 cm 250 cm 300 cm
Number of Twist 2 pieces 2 pieces 3 pieces 4 pieces 4 pieces 4 pieces 4 pieces
Lenght 200 cm – 240 cm – 250 cm
Coating Hot Dip Gelvanized, Electrostatic Powder Painting On Hot Dip Galvanized Wire Or PVC Coating Hot Dip Galvanized Wire
Color Standard Color : RAL 6005 Green (color options are available)
Coating Ratio Minimum 80 gr / m²
Painting Ratio Minimum 120 (Micron)
standard panel fence manufacturer
standard panel fence

What is the price of rigid panel fencing?

The cost varies greatly depending on the thickness of the wire. In fact, there is a significant difference between a 4.00-mm and a 4.50-mm rigid panel. This half-millimetre therefore influences the final price of the security panel fence system you choose. In addition to the thickness of the wire, the mesh, the height of the system, the thickness of the intermediate posts and also the type of accessory have an impact on the final price. The most economical panel fence system has a wire thickness of 4.00 mm with a wide mesh of 150 x 50 mm.

What is the minimum order quantity?

At TE-FENCE there is no minimum order quantity. We treat all your requests with care whatever the quantities of security fence you need. We ship anywhere in the world by air, land or sea. Feel free to contact us via our online form. One of our sales representatives will contact you within 24 hours.   

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