Temporary Fence

Temporary Fence

If you are working on a hazardous project, the last thing you want is a child, or even an adult, strolling in and injuring themselves. A temporary fence is needed to avoid being held responsible for an injury or accident on the site. This is the reason you need them to protect your space. It will make your task easier when you need to hold different groups of individuals apart.

Continue reading to discover more about a temporary fence and why you might need one.

Temporary Fence Supplier

What is a Temporary Fence?

A temporary fence, also known as a “mobile fence,” is used to restrict access to a specific area. Permanent fencing may be available for security and safety reasons, but temporary fencing is suitable for people that need a more flexible fencing solution.

It is not permanent, but we can assemble and disassemble it easily. They are chain-link panels supported by feet and bracing rather than anchored to the ground, and couplers connect the panels. We provide standard chain links and mesh panels. Some accessories, such as gates and railings, may be added to make it more personalized.

Temporary fencing should be adopted when permanent fencing is impossible or when the barrier is necessary for a short period.

Most people prefer temporary fencing because it is robust and can be transported from one area to another while staying intact. It functions in different settings, such as construction or building sites, outdoor workspaces or events, pet fences, and baby gates.

A temporary fence is vital whether you have a kid on the loose or are engaged in a construction project. They are perfect for delineating regions and preventing unauthorized entry. You can also use it to warn the public about a danger zone that is off-limits with its protective mechanism.

Temporary mobile fences are essential for public highways and event venues. These include sporting events, such as cycle races or marathons, and cultural events, including festivals and concerts. This might entail isolating the artists and athletes from the public and restricting access to the occasion. Regardless of the purpose and duration of usage, a movable fence is a practical solution.

Temporary Fence Advantages

Using a temporary barrier has several advantages aside from shielding you from liability concerns and easing your anxieties. If you need a temporary fence, look no further than the TE-FENCE to ensure that all your fencing requirements are satisfied.

Listed below are some of the advantages.

  1. It maintains site security

Employing them at construction sites helps secure the area and prevents access. This is necessary to prevent someone from getting hurt at the job site. The facility can be made more secure and safe by erecting a temporary fence around it. One of the most vital advantages of these structures is that security is typically a crucial component of your fencing.

  1. Limit vandals

Vandalism is a common occurrence in new building projects. In some cases, a minor deterrent is all that is required to prevent it. You can make it more difficult for vandals to enter the area by using a temporary fence, which might also limit the possibility of theft on the site. Restricting vandalism may save you money on your proposed development since you won’t have to spend on repairing the damages.

  1. Crowd control

It is necessary to ensure that you can effectively control crowds on specific occasions. Crowd control may help to guarantee a successful event while providing safety for attendees.

  1. Safeguarding children

They are not just for construction sites. They are used in homes to keep children safe. If you have a patio, pool, or another dangerous place, you will want to be sure you have an adequate barrier to keep the kids away. This will help to keep them safe and secure.

  1. Cost-effective

This style of fencing provides several advantages, but it is not inexpensive for short-term applications. You will be able to make the best selection for your project after you are acquainted with the numerous options available.

Other advantages are:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Simplified packing for moving from one location to another
  • High protection against human invasions
  • Concrete reinforced or self-supporting steel feet.

Temporary Fence for Sale

We offer two types of temporary and movable fences:

  • Standard Mobile Fence

This is temporary fencing meant for different purposes. It is 0.45 mm galvanized wire, 48 x 2 mm galvanized vertical, and 48 x 2 mm galvanized horizontal posts. A standard mobile fence panel size is 200 × 250 cm (H) or 200 x 200 cm (H) with 50 x 150 mesh.

It has reinforced concrete legs or self-supporting steel. At the customer’s request, we can also provide reinforced concrete blocks with the fence. The panels are held together by clips made of galvanized or stainless steel.

A standard mobile fence safeguards event areas for cultural or athletic activities by providing temporary barriers. Thanks to its innovative stackable packing, this fence system installs easily. The L-shaped or Y-shaped arms made of barbed wire or razor wire boost the security of a particular area.

  • Corrugated Sheet Mobile Fence

This version comes with a standard thickness of 0.50 mm and corrugated sheet surfaces, which are construction barriers that are opaque and concealed. This style of fence shields the grounds from passers-by and enhances their security. It comprises hot-dip galvanized and all-painted sheets and equipment. It has a very high galvanization of 400 gr/m2, may be colored on request, is strengthened, and has a thick sheet metal surface.

It is possible to cover only the lower part of the structure with metal sheets (semi-opaque construction fence).

Temporary Fence Companies

TE-FENCE is one of the most outstanding temporary fence companies in Istanbul, Turkey, and a market leader in producing and exporting high-quality temporary fence panels, barricades, and related products. With manufacturing efficiency, we offer more effective and secure crowd-management services.

We aim to provide the marketplace with the most effective, safe, and reliable demarcation solutions. To accomplish this, we are committed to durable, safer, and smarter principles, which have motivated us to improve product designs, discover new solutions to old challenges, and incorporate emerging technologies. This commitment to our objective has given our products a well-deserved reputation for quality, and they have been used to offer crowd control at several events.

TE-FENCE focuses on designing, manufacturing, and exporting fencing solutions such as flexible barriers (single or double torsion mesh), concertina wire, rigid panel fence, barbed wire, temporary fences for construction sites, doors, gates, and fencing systems for recreational activities.

Our durable fence systems, which are cost-efficient and carefully developed for export, will meet your needs and expectations for quality and timely delivery.

The robust frame, minimal maintenance, and portable mesh of TE-FENCE panels manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory make them the perfect alternative for rental enterprises, service occasions, or construction companies.


Temporary Fence Turkey

TE-FENCE is a manufacturing and export trademark of the TMEC International group, with headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey.

Since 1997, we have been one of Turkey’s most active fence producers, offering various products. We are experts in manufacturing and distributing a range of fence systems worldwide. Our products are affordable, durable, and tailored to match your requirements. Our Turkish fence business provides materials that meet your needs in quality and delivery.

Our daily manufacturing capability includes 15,000 m2 of flexible fences, 9,000 m2 of rigid panel fences, and 50,000 ml of galvanized barbed wire. We have a manufacturing area of 45,000 m2, allowing us to build adequate fencing systems for your biggest projects.

Located in Turkey, we focus on the quality of our products. Our crew works with high professionalism and commitment to complete your orders as quickly as possible, and our company can supply fencing in large quantities to individuals or companies.

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