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Te-Fence is a leading razor wire manufacturer based in Turkey. From our factory in Istanbul, we design, produce, and supply a wide range of razor wire fences that help protect industrial, engineering, construction sites, prisons, and other sites that require a high level of security and protection from intruders. See below for information on the types of razor wire we produce, their applications, and why a razor wire fence offers a powerful first-line defence for your facility.

What Is Razor Wire?

You may first assume that razor wire is conventional barbed wire as both offer a strong and effective intruder deterrent. There are, however, differences between the two.

Razor wire, also called barbed tape or ribbon wire, is a premium product far sharper than normal barbed wire. It is made from a mesh of ‘razor-sharp’ metal strips with razor-flat barbs designed to penetrate clothing and flesh and cause significant damage or injury to anyone touching or attempting to climb over it. Razor wire offers one of the most powerful physical and psychological deterrents to intruders, thieves, and other unwanted visitors, which is why you find razor wire fences used to offer ultimate protection around the perimeters of prisons, construction and industrial sites, hospitals, laboratories, stadiums, substations, defence facilities, and other areas where a high level of security is necessary.

In contrast, barbed wire has sharp, pointed spikes (barbs) that are knotted into the wire frame at various points and are designed to catch on clothes and puncture the skin of intruders that attempt to climb the fence or gain entry. Although barbed wire is still a strong deterrent and is more affordable than razor wire, it isn’t as sharp or as threatening, so it poses a less effective deterrent and offers a lower level of protection for your site.

Concertina Razor Wire

Te-Fence is a razor wire manufacturer that designs, ships, supplies, and instals several razor wire types:

Razor Wire Types: Straight Line, Spiral Line, and Flat Wrap

Concertina razor wire is an extremely effective intruder deterrent for use at high-security sites (not residential areas). The wire is made from high-grade galvanised stainless steel (AISI430) equipped with sharp, flat, pointed barbs formed into either a flat wrap, straight line, or spiral design. The razor wire can be applied to a low wall, flexible fencing, or ridged fence panels using the L or Y-shaped posts we supply. Concertina razor wire is typically fixed to the top of high-security fences or anti-climb fences around military zones, sensitive areas, worksites, and high defence facilities.


Te-Fence produces three types of razor wire:

  • Straight Line Razor Wire uses ultra-sharp blade-type barbs attached to razor wire that is straightened and used for top-line protection along high-security fences, walls, and gates.
  • Spiral Razor Wire consists of concertina razor wire coiled or spiralled and firmly attached to the top of high-security fences, walls, and gates. These are interconnected at various points and can be doubled to offer an extremely high level of anti-climb and intruder protection. Spiral razor wire is typically found along the boundaries and perimeters of maximum-security facilities.
  • Flat Wrap Razor Wire is placed directly onto fixed fence panels, perimeter fences, concrete walls, and gates to enhance existing security measures or form a new intruder deterrent.

The Technical Specifications of Razor Wires We Produce

Concertina Wire Specifications:

  • Design: Flat, Straight or Spiral
  • Blade Width: 2,50 mm
  • Blade Dimensions: 2,20 x 1,50 cm / 1,00 x 1,30 cm
  • Blade Thickness: 0,50 mm
  • Space Between Blades: 2,50 cm
  • Main Wire Thickness: 2,50cm
  • Spiral Opening: 45cm – 60 cm or 90cm.
  • Optional: Double Concertina Razor Wire is Available

Please Note: Razor wire is specifically made to protect perimeters and boundaries from the unwanted entry, escape or passage of humans. The design of the wire is made to be extremely sharp and cause significant injury to unwanted visitors, so it is vital to be careful with its application, use, and during installation.

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Te-Fence Provides Razor Wire Fence Supply and Installation

Te-Fence is a specialist in razor wire fence supply and high-security fencing systems. We are the production and export brand of the TMEC International Group in Turkey, which was established in 1997 to supply high-security fences, razor wire, concertina wire, and barbed wire for use in the protection of heavy industrial sites, worksites, prisons, military bases, and defence facilities in South Africa, the Middle East, America, and across the globe. We offer competitive prices and fast and efficient services from your initial order, through the design and manufacture of the product, to the delivery and installation of your high-security fencing system at your site. For more information, please contact us.


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