Temporary Fence
Temporary Fence If you are working on a hazardous project, the last thing you want is a child, or even an adult, strolling in and injuring themselves. A temporary fence is needed to avoid being held responsible for an injury or accident on the site. This is the reason you need them to protect your [...]
Portable Fence
WE ARE PORTABLE FENCE MANUFACTURER A portable fence is a temporary structure that may be transported and used for one-time activities. They aid in defining the limits by controlling crowds and keeping the public away from confined areas. It also helps to mark out any restricted locations so that you may post signage. They are [...]
Razor Wire Fence Supplier
Razor Wire Fence Supplier  Whatever the context, security is always a priority. A well-secured perimeter can keep out all potential intruders. These may be individuals, animals or pests with potentially damaging results to your property or assets. According to razor wire fence suppliers, it is one of the most reliable options for securing a perimeter. [...]
Manufacturer of anti-climbing fences
Manufacturer of anti-climbing fences: very High-Security fences for your sensitive sites TE-FENCE is the number one manufacturer of anti-climbing fences and high-security fencing; in fact, we are the world leader in this field and the top exporter to over 95 countries. Established in 1997, we have been designing, producing and exporting high-quality temporary, mobile and [...]
Where Can I Purchase Fence Panels?
When thinking about your fencing requirements it is important to ascertain what the fence is actually for. This may appear obvious but if you look around at the wide range of fencing and it's uses, this is an important consideration to take into account. Secondly you need to take measurements to determine the dimensions required. [...]
Panel Fencing Manufacturers in Turkey
We are manufacturers of panel fences in Turkey, and we offer different types of rigid panel fences: standard panel fences, aesthetic panel fences and welded mesh fences. These three ranges of panel fencing products ensure we can satisfy each request and meet your needs. Our standard panel fences are the most popular because they offer [...]
Temporary Fence For Building Sites
What are the characteristics of a temporary fence for building sites? Temporary fencing for building sites or mobile fencing, takes the form of panels made of vertical and horizontal tubes of 48 x 2 mm. These tubes act as supports for galvanized wires of 4.50 mm in diameter, giving the barrier a grid-like appearance. The [...]
Fencing Manufacturers in Turkey
Fencing Manufacturers in Turkey TE-FENCE has been one of Turkey's most active fence manufacturers since 1997, offering a diverse range of products.  Our company has 25 years of experience and produces and exports a wide range of fencing systems worldwide. Economical and very robust, our products are developed exclusively for export and designed to meet [...]
High Security Anti-Climb Fence
Manufacturers of anti-climb fencing adhere to rigorous standards. High security fencing systems are subject to specific requirements to ensure the protection of areas considered sensitive. Each panel is between 150 cm and 300 cm high. The design is made from 4- to 6-mm-thick steel wire. Rigid posts with burrs and Y or L shaped posts [...]
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